GTA 6 is Reportedly Going to Miami, Will Feature a Female Protagonist

According to Jason Schreier GTA 6 will be set in fictitious Miami with a female latina character in the lead role.

According to a new report by Jason Schreier on Bloomberg, Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature a fictitious city based on Miami. He also shared that for the first time in GTA franchise, we will get a playable female character. GTA 6 will apparently feature both male and female protagonists just like the notorious Bonnie & Clyde. The female lead character is reportedly of Latina origin.

According to Schreier, currently GTA 6 is code-named as Project Americas. While at launch, it will be Miami and it surroundings, more cities are expected to added after the release. Game’s world on launch will be quite large as well, apparently having more interior locations than other GTA games.

The report also revealed that Rockstar Games has improved its workplace culture to avoid crunch and improve the workplace environment. They have hired more people to reduce the burden, taken care of abusive employees and have added employee benefits for positive workplace growth.

Recently, a voice actor’s resume lead us to believe that GTA 6 might have been codenmaed “Fireball” however, with Jason’s report, it seems like it’s named Project Americas. For now, all we have on GTA 6 is rumors and leaks as both Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have been very quite about the project.

Officially, we only that Rockstar Games is working on the Grand Theft Auto game and nothing else. So any information we currently have on the next GTA project is through leaks and rumors. GTA 6 has also been reported to use Rage Engine 9 which can support textures more than Unreal Engine 5. So hype for the next GTA game is at its peak but we are still waiting for our first official glimpse of GTA 6. Let’s hope that it will change in near future.

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