GTA 5 PC Cosmetic Mods Are Not a Bannable Offense: Rockstar

Rockstar Support says that cosmetic mods are not a bannable offense in GTA 5 PC version. I guess adjusting FOV is not cosmetic.

Remember how a GTA 5 PC mod was released that let the players adjust the FOV (field of view) and make things better for themselves? Also, remember how quickly Rockstar Games reacted by starting to ban people for using it?

Well, all that has been a hot topic among the PC gaming community since evidently, players were expecting a bit more freedom with the modding than that. A ton of the fans have been angry at the developers for taking such a harsh stand.

However, things have gotten a bit more interesting after someone reached out to the Rockstar Support and inquired about the company policy regarding cosmetic mods and on the reasons why people were getting banned.

The reply that he got from the Rockstar representative stated that cosmetic mods in GTA 5 PC version were not an offense that would get you banned:

Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support. Cosmetic mods are not a bannable offense. However if you require technical support after installing a mod you will need to uninstall the mod before we can help you with any issue you have, as we do not officially support mods.

However, if you actually look at it, this is in line with what they have been doing. Cosmetic mods are allowed, but not the ones that can give you an advantage against other players like the one that lets you adjust the FOV.

What do you think about the policy that Rockstar has in place for the mods? Do you think it was right to ban people who used the FOV mod in GTA 5 PC?

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