GTA 5 Parachute Missions – Parachuting in GTA 5 Made Easy, Parachuting Rewards, Parachuting Missions Locations

Where to find the parachuting locations in GTA 5 and how to complete all the parachuting challenges in the game.

Parachuting in Grand Theft Auto V is a lot of fun. If you want to get some use out of your parachuting skills, you should consider participating in the associated challenges scattered throughout the map. You need to complete these challenges in order to make sure you get more XP, and rewards. You get money after completing GTA 5 parachute missions that can help you buy gear, weapons, and cars.

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GTA 5 Parachute missions are basically developed using the same framework but the difficulty levels get higher as you progress to the next one. However, like mentioned above, parachute mission in GTA 5 is worth doing. Not only for the rewards but those looking for 100% completion in this massive game.

All GTA V Parachute Missions are mentioned below so make sure you reach the following information thoroughly. And if you have anything to add please take it to the comments section.

GTA 5 Parachute Missions and Challenges

There are 13 different parachuting locations in GTA 5, ranging from mountaintops, building rooftops, and helicopter jumps. The objective of the challenges is to make a successful parachuting jump and land at the designated target zone. Doing so will reward you with money for every challenge.

Parachute Missions in GTA 5 – Earn Rewards, Extra Money, Extra XP

There are also challenges that will have floating checkpoints which you will have to pass through, giving a bonus for every successful pass.

In order to participate in Parachuting challenges, you will first need to complete Dom’s first mission, “Risk Assessment”. All three characters can participate in parachuting challenges.

The following are the various parachuting challenges available in GTA 5:

Pacific Tour Parachute Mission
This challenge is located in La Puerta, southwest Los Santos. You will be jumping off a chopper and attempt to land on a boat. The helicopter is parked in a parking lot between a hotel pool and harbor docks.

The boat you need to land on will start moving immediately once you jump of the chopper. Skydive to around 700 feet and then pull your chute, after which you should slowly navigate and align yourself to the boat.

Once done, activate precision landing at 400 feet by pressing RB and LB (Xbox 360) or L2 and R2 (PS3). This will slow your descent and allow for precision control.

Aim for the Fairway Parachute Mission
This challenge is located in Rockford Hills, in north Los Santos. You will find the parachute on the sidewalk next to a vehicle barrier at a multi-story building. Once you start the mission, you need to jump off the rooftop and land on the designated location.

The altitude is pretty low, and you will be pulling the chute pretty quickly, so you should first identify the landing location. The target is a corner of the golf club. It’s pretty easy to navigate to it, but just make sure you don’t end up in the nearby trees. Also, make sure you avoid the fence to the right. Use precision mode to get yourself some control, and make the landing.

Carving the Mountain Parachute Mission
This parachute challenge is located in the Raton Canyon, Blaine County. You can find the helicopter on a hilltop. This is a checkpoint based parachute challenge, meaning you will have to steer yourself while skydiving and parachuting to pass through floating rings.

The first one requires no steering, and you can pull the chute fairly early on to get some control. After the first checkpoint, the second one is located to the right. The third is to the right of the second checkpoint. You can lose altitude by dipping towards the ground. The rest of the checkpoints are also at different altitudes, and you can easily navigate through them.

The final three checkpoints are close to the mountainside, so it’s best to use precision mode here. The landing zone is on a dirt road, so maintain the precision mode to land on it. You will get a bonus of $100 for tagging all the checkpoints, and can earn up to $510 from this challenge.

Falling Mouse Parachute Mission
This challenge is also located in the Blaine County, Raton Canyons, but instead of a chopper you will be jumping off a cliff. The starting point is located on top of a mountain. It can be identified by the stationed bike and parachute on the apex.

This challenge is another checkpoint jump, and the first one is dangerously close to the top side of the mountain. Have a look and identify the location of the first checkpoint, and then perform a jump. Immediately pull the cord and go through the first checkpoint. The second checkpoint is located to the right.

The landing zone is in the middle of a dirt road. Use precision landing to get yourself right in the middle.

Razor Rock Dive Parachute Mission
This is the third parachute challenge in the Blaine County, Raton Canyons. This one is located on lowly hanging mountaintop. Look off the edge to find the first checkpoint. Make a jump for it and immediately pull the cord before going through the first checkpoint. Then, pass through the second and third checkpoints to the left while in precision landing mode.

The landing zone is located near the end of a small wooden bridge. You can make up to $390 from this short challenge.

Runaway Train Parachute Mission
This challenge is located in Paleto Boulevard, Raton Canyon. You will be jumping from a helicopter in this one. Locate a chopper parked on a low mountain ledge. Enter the helicopter to start the challenge.

The helicopter will take you high above the canyon. You will be making a jump and landing on a mobile train that passes on the railway track bridge between the mountain tunnels. When you make the jump, you will already be aligned with the track bridge.

The train will take 10 seconds to arrive once you make the jump, so deploy your parachute three seconds after starting the sky dive.

You will need to land on the third car (and open car) behind the engine. Use precision landing to slow yourself and gain better control if you are overshooting, and get out of it when you start undershooting.

The Decline Parachute Mission
This challenge is located in the Procopio Pier, Paleto Bay. The helicopter is parked at the corner of a large pier. Get into the chopper to start the mission. This is a checkpoint-based challenge.

The helicopter will travel to the top of Mount Chiliad and station you next to the ledge of a very tall mountain. Jump of this mountain and pull the cord immediately. The first checkpoint is very close to the side of the mountain and also very close to the jump area.

Pass through it while avoiding the mountain, and then exit precision mode to pass through the second checkpoint. The third checkpoint is located near the lower part of the mountain, while the fourth is over the coastal town nearby.

The landing zone is on the same pier you took off from. Use precision landing mode to drop in the middle of the target reticule.

The Fall of the Alamo Parachute Mission
This challenge is located in a construction site in Grapeseed, Blaine County. The helicopter will take you to a high altitude of 1.5 kilometers. The dive itself will consist of 9 checkpoints, making this a relatively long challenge that could last for several minutes.

The first checkpoint is located dead ahead after the diving from the chopper. As fun as free diving is, you can’t reach this one if you don’t pull your chute. So, make an early deployment and align yourself north to get through the first four checkpoints.

After fourth checkpoint, you will need to go south for the fifth checkpoint. The checkpoints afterwards will slowly align you with the landing zone, which is located on a farm near the Seaview Road. It’s a challenge that can get you $540 if you go through the checkpoints successfully. It’s a long challenge as well, but quite easy.

Turbine Terror Parachute Mission
It’s time to risk getting chopped by wind turbines. This challenge is located in the Wind Farm, Grand Senora Desert. There is a helicopter near the construction office in the farm. Get into it to start the challenge.

This is also a checkpoint-based mission. The helicopter will take you high above the wind farm. Pull the chute immediately after making the jump. Use precision mode to go through the first checkpoint, turn left, and continue descending to go through the second one.

The third is located at a sharp left from the second checkpoint, go through it, and then get out of precision mode and turn left to lose altitude quickly to make it to the fourth checkpoint.

Make sure you avoid the wind turbine blades during this time. After the fourth checkpoint, veer towards the left to find the landing zone on a dirt road.

Photo Finish Parachute Mission
The helicopter for this challenge can be found on the Vinewood Racetrack in East Vinewood. The chopper is parked near the pond in the middle of the horse track. The helicopter will take you high above the race track. This is also a checkpoint-based challenge.

After making the jump, pull the cord immediately and fly through the straightforward first checkpoint. Go through the second checkpoint smoothly, and then make it past the third one located directly above the racetrack.

The landing zone is located right in the middle of the racetrack area. Avoid the trees and make a smooth landing using precision mode.

Dammed if You Don’t Parachute Mission
This challenge is located east of the racetrack in East Vinewood, near Highway 18. A helicopter is parked there. This is also a checkpoint-based lengthy mission that will have you going through 10 rings before attempting to land on the landing zone.

Pull the cord immediately after jumping so you don’t miss the first checkpoint, which is dead ahead. The first five checkpoints are arranged in a counterclockwise spiral, and the last five are then arranged in a clockwise spiral.

The final two checkpoints are above the damn, and the landing zone of this challenge is on the small shore of the stream fork. The real challenge of this mission is the landing zone itself, which is itself on a narrow area and surrounded by rocky terrain.

Use precision landing mode and steer carefully to prevent yourself from touching the rocks and obstacles.

Bank Bailout Parachute Mission
This challenge is located in Pillbox Hill, Downtown Los Santos. Find the chute resting next to a tile planter in front of the Maze Bank building.

When you start the mission, you will be on a bike on the Maze Bank’s helipad. You can either jump off with the parachute or drive off with the bike. Drive off and press Y to quickly ditch the bike. Pull the cord immediately afterward and guide yourself north towards the target landing zone. Use precision mode to get over the freeway, and land on the target area in the park.

What Goes Up Parachute Mission
This is also located in Pillbox Hill, but you will have to go to the construction site. Climb the crane and then the ladder to get to the top of the crane to find the parachute.

Jump off the north part of the crane arm and deploy your chute immediately.

The target is a moving truck which you have to land on. Use the precision landing mode to align yourself, and then exit it to approach the truck quickly. If you are overshooting, reenter precision mode to slow yourself down. Keep on doing this and smoothly land on top of the truck.

This was our GTA V Parachute Missions Guide hope this information helps you do better in the game and earn extra rewards.

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