GTA 5 Mods: GTA Multiplayer, FiveM Shut Down by Take Two Interactive

Famous GTA 5 mods, GTA Multiplayer and FiveM have been shutdown by force by Take Two Interactive.

You might be seeing the end of two most popular GTA 5 mods; the GTA Multiplayer and FiveM. Modders of both of these have been contacted by Take Two Interactive and told to shut down operations right now; one even claims he was very subtly threatened with legal actions.

The modders behind GTA Multiplayer sent out an update to all the users reading: “today, we write you broken-hearted. Take2 Interactive Inc. have contacted us and they asked us to stop GTA: Multiplayer, because from Take2’s point of view GTA:MP is a rival of their business.”

However, they did add that respecting their policy and interest is what they were going to do. Apparently, Rockstar Games has always been helpful to the GTA Multiplayer mod makers, it was Take Two that took the matters in their hand and decided to shut it down all GTA 5 mods that are against their policy.

As far as the FiveM mod is concerned, the whole ordeal was allegedly more dramatic. The modders say that private investigators were sent to them who handed a phone to one of them in order to talk to an unknown person who would tell the modder to end all his activities:

So I just got a pair of PIs at my door claiming to be sent by Take Two, handing me a phone with a person somewhere in the UK or US or whatever to ‘discuss how to cease my activities with regard to Grand Theft Auto’, that ‘they know what happened before with Activision and want to not get the lawyers involved at this time.’

That looks pretty thorough! Anyhow, it looks like its time to say goodbye to GTA Multiplayer, FiveM and probably some other GTA 5 mods too.

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