GTA V Altruist Acolyte Achievement Guide – How To Unlcok Altruist Acolyte Achievement

There is a group of people living in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness that call themselves the Altruist Camp. This group is a community of cannibals. The Altruist Acolyte achievement is unlocked when you bring this group an unsuspecting traveler for them to consume and this GTA V Altruist Acolyte Achievement guide will help you step-by-step on how to unlock it.

It’s only doable by Trevor, and is worth five gamer-score and this GTA V Altruist Acolyte Achievement Guide will help you unlock it. GTA V Altruist Acolyte achievement is related to the random events that sometimes occur in the city as you’re driving or walking about.

These events can range from purse snatchers to ambushes by robbers, however, every now and then you’ll be able to pick up a hitchhiker or a drunkard and be able to drive them home. Or, of course, you could feed them to the cannibals.

After the ‘Friends Reunited’ story mission, where you come to Los Santos as Trevor and need to get to Floyd’s house, you’ll find a drunk couple around the block. Try to drive around until you see the little blue dot appear on the map.

Drive up to them and they’ll get in your car. Soon after, a new icon will appear on the map with an ‘A’ and there will be a yellow route that takes you to their house.

Instead, set a waypoint to the Altruist camp and drive them there. When you get there, Trevor will escort them to the gate, and the cannibals will take the couple off your hands.


That is all for our GTA V Altruist Acolyte Achievement guide with tips on how to unlock the achievement and what is the reward for unlocking it.

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