GTA 3 Import/Export Industrial Vehicle Locations Guide

Import/Export is basically a side mission in GTA 3 in which you will be delivering a diverse range of vehicles to destined cranes and garages in Liberty City. In this guide, we will get you up to speed with the locations of all the Import/Export industrial vehicles in GTA 3.

GTA 3 Import/Export Industrial Vehicle Locations

The industrial vehicles in GTA III are found in Portland. These industrial vehicles are further categorized into Civilian and Emergency vehicles. Our guide below goes over only the export of civilian vehicles.

Anyhow, if you are able to successfully export a civilian vehicle, you’ll earn $1000, whereas the successful export of the entire list will reward you with a total sum of $200,000.

Having said that, let’s go ahead and take a look at how you can acquire all the civilian industrial vehicles in Grand Theft Auto 3 Definitive Edition!


It is driven everywhere and parked behind Salvatore’s Mansion on Portland Beach.


There are three ways you can acquire this vehicle:

  • It can be spawned during Firefighter.
  • It is driven around Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale.
  • It is parked near Asuka Kasen’s condo.


It can be seen driven around near Fort Staunton and occasionally around Chinatown.


It is parked at the bus depot in Trenton. However, it is rarely driven around all three districts.


You can find it in Staunton Island and occasionally in Chinatown.


It is parked in Francis International Airport, at a hanger.


It is found in the Portland Harbor and by the diner in Callahan Point. However, it is rarely driven in all three districts.

Mr. Whoopee

This vehicle primarily appears behind the Cartel Mansion. It may spawn during Firefighter and seldom spawn in Shoreside Vale and Chinatown.  Finally, it is used in I Scream, You Scream.


This vehicle is parked at two locations: outside a garage in southwest Saint Mark’s and the Liberty Tree car park.  Also, it is driven in all three districts.


Mule is driven everywhere. Apart from that, you can find this vehicle parked in Portland Harbor.


This vehicle is the prerequisite of the Patriot Playground mission. It is parked at the Supa Savel supermarket in Portland View and is driven across all three of the districts.


You can find this vehicle being driven around everywhere, near Joey’s Garage and 8-Ball Autos.


This vehicle is driven around all districts and can be found near the car crusher in Hardwood and across from Joey’s Garage.


This vehicle infrequently spawns around Chinatown and also becomes available to you after Donald Love’s mission Decoy.


It is driven everywhere and parked in Portland Harbor by the emergency vehicle crane.


The Trashmaster infrequently spawns in Chinatown and is driven in all three districts. However, it is quite common in Bedford Point and Aspatria.