GTA 3 Import/Export Emergency Vehicles Locations Guide

In this guide, we'll be going over all GTA 3 Import/Export Emergency Vehicle Locations that you can find scattered throughout the map

The Import and Export feature came as a part of the GTA side-missions in the early GTA games. In this guide, we’ll go through all GTA 3 Import/Export Emergency Vehicle Locations starting from Portland Docks to Shoreside Vade required for fully completing the mission.

GTA 3 Import/Export Emergency Vehicles Locations

Import/Export is an interesting feature in the GTA Franchise especially in Grand Theft Auto 3: Definitive Edition where players take part in side missions such as delivering cars to a certain part of the map.

Players are rewarded with cash despite the condition of your vehicle unlike the Import/Export Emergency vehicles in GTA San Andreas.

In GTA 3, there are multiple lists of Import/Export vehicles that you must locate for 100% completion.

Although there’s one special list of vehicles as well, that comes in the optional category therefore, it’s best to skip it as it doesn’t affect the completion of the mission in GTA III.

We start from Portland Docks then make our way to the Shoreside Vale and deliver all Emergency cars at Portland Docks to unlock the Play Fetch and Pest Control Trophies.

Portland Dock Import/Export Emergency Vehicles

The Portland Docks deliveries are divided into two parts: Civilian Vehicles and Emergency Vehicles. Both have different ways of exporting vehicles.

We’ll be covering all Emergency Vehicles and their locations in this Grand Theft Auto 3 guide.

Emergency Vehicles differ from Civilian Vehicles as they have a different way of being exported. First off, place the vehicles under the magnet on the yellow stripes.

Once the vehicle has been placed in its position, the crane loads it onto the cargos ship ahead. After completely exporting emergency vehicles you’ll earn $1,500 for completion. The last vehicle rewards you $200,000 cash.

Note: You don’t have any lists while exporting emergency vehicles.


This vehicle is found outside almost every hospital in GTA 3 Definitive Edition.

Barracks OL

You will have access to the Barracks OL vehicle, after unlocking Staunton, at Phil Cassidy’s Army Surplus. You can additionally avail it after achieving a 6-star wanted level.


This vehicle is found inside the Staunton Island police station (4-star wanted level).


You have to steal an FBI car and deliver it. The FBI car can be acquired when you are at a 6-star wanted level in Grand Theft Auto 3 Definitive Edition.

Fire Truck

This vehicle is found outside every Fire Station in GTA III.

Police Car

This vehicle is found outside every Police Station in GTA 3.


You can find the Rhino tank at Phil’s Army Surplus, during Arms Shortage and at a 6-star wanted level.

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