Greedfall Skills and Skill Trees Guide

Check out our guide for all the Greedfall Skills across various trees to figure out which one best suits your playstyle and invest in that.

Greedfall features a skill system in the game which included three skill trees. The skills enhance the abilities of the players. In this guide we will break down the skills system and the different skill trees at your disposal in Greedfall.

You need to earn skill points in order to unlock the skills from the skill tree and to earn those skill points you need to progress through the game, complete missions, level up or find Skill Altars.

Greedfall Skills

To earn skill points you need to increase your character level by earning experience points. To earn experience points you need to kill the enemies and bosses that come in your way.

Other than that, completing all the quests in the game also rewards you with XP for you to unlock more Greedfall abilities.

Skill Altars

You can also acquire skill points by discovering and activating the Skill Altars hidden in the game. You have to find these hidden objectives which are scattered around the world after you leave New Serene. The locations for these skill altars are written below:

  • Glendgnamvar, Shore of Tall Bones
  • Magasvar, Vale of the Great Battle
  • Wenshaganaw, The Singing Waters
  • Tir Dob, The Black Lands

Best Skills to Learn in Greedfall

You can start off by using the Warrior Skill. The Warrior Skill Tree is by far one of the strongest skill trees you’ll find in Greedfall. Using this skill tree provides you with additional strength and following it up with a Roll can surely help you dodge the opponent’s attacks and claim the victory.

Next up is using the Magic Skill Tree as it not only provides magical abilities but also with the help of Magical Healing, provides additional health points.

Lastly, the Technical Skill Tree can benefit you with the use of the Shadow Impact attack. This attack; along with dropping the enemies down, also helps in making the enemies weaker to damage.

How to Reset Skills in Greedfall

Memory Crystal is an easy way to reset your skills. Simply head over to the Character Development Menu, go to the Talents section and come across your favorite option known as the “Reset Skills”. Make sure to check the number of Memory Crystals you have before resetting. To do so, check the bottom left corner.

If you’re short on Memory Crystals then defeating mini-bosses, main bosses and optional bosses can provide you with a good number of Memory Crystals.

Magic Skill Tree

The Magic skill tree focuses on conjuring magical abilities that are both offensive and defensive.

Immobilizes the enemy for the duration of the effect but if the player receives damage, it will cancel the effect.

Effect Duration: +20%
Increases the duration of Stasis.

Corrosive Emanation
Armour Dmg.: 20/s
Stasis destroys the armor of the immobilized enemies.

Perfect Incantation
Magic Cost: -25%
Reduces the magic energy for Stasis.

Damage: +50%
The stasis effect makes the enemies more vulnerable to the next attack they will receive.

Magic Healing
Instantly heals the player.

Armour Breaker
Increases physical armor and regenerates it progressively for the duration of the effect

Steadfast Light
Balance: +30
Increases balance of the Shield of the Enlightened.

Shield of Fury
Fury Gen.: +5
Shield of the Enlightened increases the fury of the incoming attacks.

Holy Bulwark
Magical Res.: +20% | Elemental Res.: +20%
Shield of the Enlightened increases the elemental and magic resistance.

Blessing of the Enlightened
Shield of the Enlightened affects allies for half of its effects.

Divine Magic Ring
Allows the use of Divine Magic Rings.

Ravenous Shadows
Magical Dmg.: +10%
Shadow Missle and Shadow Impact deal more damage.

Shadow Dancing
Increases the combo speed of Shadow Impact.

Destabilizing Impact
Stun: +100%
The loss of balance due to Shadow Impact increases.

Light Projectiles
Magic Cost: -10%
Reduces the magic energy for Shadow Missle.

Lightning Dash
Allows the to back off instantly after dodging. Only works with a Divine Magic Ring equipped.

Faster than Lightning
Increases attack speed after a Lightning Dash.

Light Shadow Impact
Magic Cost: -10%
Reduces the magic energy for Shadow impact.

Ranged Shadow Impact
Shadow impact covers a greater distance.

Whirlwind of Shadows
Increases attack speed with Shadow Missle.

Sends a shock wave that causes a Stasis effect for all enemies in combat.

Vulnerability Storm
Storm leaves enemies vulnerable to magic damage and slowing effects.

Extended Storm
Duration of the vulnerability caused by Storm lasts longer.

Shadow Burst
Knocks back and deals magic damage to all enemies around the caster.

Warrior Skill Tree

The Warrior skill tree focuses on melee combat and techniques

One-handed blades
Allows you to use one-handed weapons.

Sharp Steel
Increases 10% damage of one-handed weapons.

Cruel Steel
Increases 20 percent more damage to unarmed enemies when using a one-handed weapon.

Strong Kick
Kick stuns an enemy for a moment.

Devastating Kick
Destroys enemy armor with a kick.

Long Blades
It allows you to use two-handed blades.

Sharpened Edge
Increases two-handed weapon damage by 10 percent.

Cutting Breath
Increases the range of your attack.

Steel Squall
Reduces the attacks cooldown which increases the attack speed of your players.

Increases attack speed.

Powerful Fury
Increases the power of stunning.

Regenerative Fury
Fury restores health and armor points.

One-handed Heavy Weapons
Allows you to use maces, hammers, and axes.

Strong Grip
Increases 10% damage of blunt weapons.

Chained Attacks
Allows faster attack with blunt weapons.

Devastating Impact
Each hit stuns the opponent and throws them off balance.

Armour Breaker
Increases the power of attacks dealt with enemies with armor.

Two-handed Heavy Weapons
It allows the use of heavy two-handed weapons.

Iron Grip
Increases 10% damage of blunt weapons

Steel Wall
You are better at two-handed weapons.

Shock Wave
Heavy attack causes a shock wave that sends opponents off balance.

Seismic Shock
Increases the radius of the shock wave.

Roll Skill Tree

Unlocked after receiving Devastating Kick and Rifle and allows you to perform a quick Dodge

Galvanising Fury
Provides with additional recovery rate of Fury,

Vengeful Fury
During countering, provides with additional recovery rate of Fury.

Provides with additional Power of Attack dealt (from the back)

Devious Fury
When attacking from the back, provides with additional rate of Fure regeneration.

Magic Healing Skill Tree

Unlocked after receiving Armour Breaker and Crystallization and Instantly heals the player.

Purifying Healing
A spell used for the removal of poison from one’s body.

Divine Aid
Helps in restoring health points up to 50%.

Steel Healing
Helps in restoring armor points up to 100

Group Healing
Helps in restoring armor and health of opponents as well.

Shadow Burst Skill Tree

Unlocked after receiving Economical Alchemy and Light Projectiles and used for attacking and stunning all enemies in the area.

Temporal Rift
While using Shadow Burst, slows the speed of multiple enemies.

Relentless Shadow
Provides additional attack damage.

Enlarged Shadow
Provides an additional range of Shadow Burst.

Devastating Shadow
Provides additional stun power.

Technical Skill Tree

The Technical skill tree focuses on learning a combat technique that allows a player to craft items that are to be used in the battles.

This will give you a variety of options for long-ranged weapons.

Precise Calibration
Every firearm you choose will cause more damage.

Destructive Shot
These shots are quite effective and can even destroy armor.

Impact Bullets
These shots, when fired, will cause the enemies to be stunned.

This will grant you to arm a rifle.

Anointed Weapons
You can easily use the potions to enhance the use of weapons.

Alchemical Dosage
This will significantly increase the capability of potions that will work more efficiently.

Assassin’s Touch
This way, you can use the potions on weapons, and they will be quite deadly and poisonous.

Focused Alchemical Fire
This will have more elemental damage.

This can be used for throwing bombs.

Powerful Bomb
This will cause the bombs to be thrown far away at greater distances and will increase strength as well.

Toxic Bomb
This will cause the bomb to poison the enemy.

Set Trap
This will aid you to use the potions (alchemical) and when the potions will be thrown at an enemy, they will burst open upon impact.

Fast Trap
This will give you the ability to plant the traps during ongoing combat.

Destructive Elemental Preparations
This will cause more damage to the armor.

Seismic Magic Preparations
This will cause more damage to magic users.

Economical Alchemy
This will help you to collect all the spoils of war even from the traps.

Phial Throw
This will act similar to a bomb and bursts open during contact.

Light Grenades
This increases the range of grenade throwing.

Mephitic Discharge
This will cause a designated area to be poisonous when the explosion occurs.

Extended Stasis Alchemy
This will give the potion more time.

Devastating Grenades
This will overall increase the range of skills from the Technical tree.