Greedfall Side Quests Guide – Where to Find, Reputation Rewards

In our Greedfall Side Quests Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about completing all the optional quests in the game.

Greedfall, the latest game by developer Spiders, is an action role-playing game set during the 17th century. Like many games similar to it, Greedfall features several side quests for the player to potentially tackle and complete; you’re incentivized to do these by being offered experience points at completion, a litany of new equipment, and gaining certain notoriety among the various factions that exist in the world of Greedfall.

Greedfall Side Quests

The guide below will help you to find these side quests and complete them:


During the main story mission ‘The Great Departure’ you will meet with Sahin the ambassador – can be found in the Bridge Alliance Embassy. You will encounter an alchemist when you go to the specified location. The alchemist sells his potion to the crowd, that potion is believed to be “a cure for everything”.

Interact with the man and ask him important things about his latest drug. While interacting with him you’ll notice that he cuts off the conversation very quickly therefore, you have to approach him in various methods.

Go to the right of the stall, and walk through an entrance having a metallic door where you have to find an antidote along with a letter. The letter can be found in the chest and in order to receive the Charlatan’s antidote, you’ll have to defeat a few thugs. Return to the man and make him drink his potion.

As he drinks the potion, he’ll run away. You have to chase him, as you follow him to the tavern and up the stairs, you’ll find alchemist in the room. After confronting him, he’ll give you some important information about his experiments. At this moment you have two options: Either arrest the man or help him to escape from the city.

Arresting him will reward you a reputation with Bridge Alliance and you’ll finish your mission very fast, also the alchemist will be sent to jail. Helping him escape will lead you to deal with the crowd close to the tavern. You can tell the crowd to go away by using your intuition.

You will have to give away 6 health potions, in order to make the crowd agree with you. However, the crowd will fight with you if you don’t have any potions/ Additionally, you will lose a single reputation point with Congregation of Merchant.  When you are done dealing with the crowd, go to the alchemist and receive 80 pieces of gold.

Now, return to the ambassador and notify him about the Alchemist and receive a reputation point with the Bridge Alliance. You’ll receive 1000 XP for finishing your mission.

Heretic Hunt

You begin the quest by going to the embassy situated in Serene and interacting with Cardinal Antonius concerning your journey. He tasks you with the job of dispensing with heretics in the vicinity. From here, go to Captain Vasco on the boat and interact with him and he’ll help you locate these heretics.

Afterward, go to the smuggler’s headquarters and start a conversation with him. You will find a diary in his belongings. After going to a meeting with Heretics, you’ll find the entrance of the warehouse which is currently guarded.

In order to enter the warehouse, you can dress up as a sailor, climb the ladder on the side, or use a sleeping potion. You encounter Heretics at the warehouse.

In order to receive classified information, you can dress up as a Naut. You can arrest them or let them go; you’ll have to talk with the ambassador afterward and tell him of your choice. You will lose a single reputation point with Theleme. You’ll receive 1000 XP for finishing your mission.

Disappearance Amongst the Nauts

During the mission ‘The Great Departure’, interact with Vasco, and learn about the disappearance of a cabin boy named Jonas. Later, have a conversation with Laura about the recent disappearance of Naut recruits. You will be guided to a tavern – have a conversation with the innkeeper along with the doubtful customer.

You’ll be pointed towards one of the kidnappers – interact with Lady Fontaine, in order to know the information concerning the disappeared Naut.

Return to Captain Vasco and notify him about Lady Fontaine (the lady who was interrogated). You’ll receive latest proofs about the case after interacting with Mr. De Carillon. Return to Fontaine’s estate and you’ll find a note left on the ground consisting of a location.

Go to that location and head downstairs of the designated warehouse– there are several methods of managing the situation, Charisma can be tried as well as each thing thought by Sir De Courcillon, any method will do. For the Congregation of Merchant, you’ll gain 2 additional reputation points.

Free Jonas who is currently locked in one of the cells, and return to Captain Vasco. Upon finishing the mission you’ll receive 1000 XP.

Coin Guard Merchandise

This quest begins in Serene, given to you by the Cardinal as well. However, you won’t be able to complete it until you reach the New World, specifically, New Serene. Head to the Barracks and speak to the Quartermaster; afterward, you must locate warehouses and locate the crates that are pertinent to the quest. Mark them and return to the Quartermaster to complete the quest.

An Aspiring Merchant

After meeting with your cousin, talk with a merchant; then go to the Coin Guard Barracks. You’ll have to ask the Captain for permission to trade. He’ll tell you to get permission from the Minister. Go to the specified area and talk to him.

If you have enough charisma, you can persuade him easily (recommended to increase your charisma before attempting this quest). Soon after, you’ll learn the merchant’s wares have been stolen. Speak with the captain, followed by a conversation with the head of the prison.

After learning about the disappeared wares, head to the Coin Guard Arena and participate in the fights (recommended to attempt this after getting to a higher level). After winning, go talk to the merchant; he’ll tell you to speak with Ullan, the leader of Vignamri. Speak with the leader to complete the quest and get the next one.

A Peculiar Alliance

This task is given to you by Ullan. Talk to the Governor of Burhan in the Hikemet Region (you’ll get another side quest here – ‘Attack on Caravans’); go to the location specified and look for a merchant being harassed by soldiers. Deal with them however you see fit, and afterward give the merchant the trade permit and return to Ullan. After waiting for 2 hours, head back inside and talk with Ullan once more.

Now you must meet with Mordun in Vighulgsob village; you must convince him to partake in peace talks (approach this however you like). Return to Ullan once more. You will have 6 hours to inject yourself into the peace talks, head to the designated location and discover that an ambush is being prepared for Mordun. Save him and talk with Ullan once more.


The quest will begin once you read the letter outside the house in San Matheus. In a forest near San Matheus, look for the indigenous Natives and converse with them. From there, you’ll be told to search Claudius’ – an Inquisitor – House.

Go there and look for a letter. Go to Claudius’ office, look for a chest that contains notes written by him; return to the Natives and give them everything. Claudius will appear, engage him in battle. Talk to the Natives after beating him.

Logging Expedition

This quest is activated after completing a side mission for Aphra. Proceed to Cwenvar. Tall Trees and call Sen. You’ll see some guards who are not allowing the natives to enter, interact with those guards. Talk to the woman in front of the house regarding lumberjack’s death.

Afterward, search the bodies in the building. Now, run towards the indicator to kill the beasts. The hunters will ask you the reason of doing it, tell them that you were simply defending yourself. Tell them about the whole event or use charisma to frighten them.

Seek Sir de Courcillon’s advice (in New Serene) on the matter. Now, reach the archive and search for the documents in the lowest part of the residence.

Take the contracts to Madame de Morange and proceed to interact with Dunncas after going to Vedrad. You’ll receive 1600 XP along with 2 additional reputation points in Natives. Also, you start the Price of Blood side mission.

The Price of Blood

The quest begins after the side mission Logging Expedition. Proceed to district Kunwar and search for an abandoned mine highly guarded by soldiers and the entrance is blocked for you. However, there is a passage at the right of the entrance. Later, interact with Sir de Courcillon in New Serene.

Examine and search for the certificate of ownership after reaching Lady Morange. Return to Sir De Courcillon to sign a deal, after visiting Millard.  Return to the mine and in order to go inside, show the latest documents at the entrance.

Release the slaves from the cage, beat adversaries and go to Dunncas to tell him everything. You receive an additional 4 reputation points with Natives and 1900 XP.

The Man with The Silver Coin

The mission begins automatically after finishing Coin Guard Merchandise task. Visit the marketplace and interact with each merchant present in the area; you need to persuade one of them into assisting you.

You can attempt to spend 100 pieces of gold or even use charisma. Once one accepts, wait 2 days in the game for this quest to progress (spend the time however you like).

Have a conversation with the merchant after two days have passed, and hide in the alley behind his stall. Afterwards, blackmailers will reveal themselves – engage them, beat them, and loot them. From this, you’ll learn the location of the man having the silver coin.

Go to where this man is (indicated on the map) and follow him just after the cutscene; do not get spotted! Move far behind the man and sneak in a crouch position. Down the road, you’ll be confronted by him. In order to find clues from his body, you must beat him.

Go to Mafred and report everything to him regarding your mission.  you’ll gain 3 additional reputation points with the Coin Guard faction, 1300 XP and 50 pieces of gold after finishing the quest and you’ll

Champion of the Arena

Proceed to the Coin Guard Tavern and enter the Arena by going downstairs. The arena is very helpful when it comes to enhancing your team, which provides you with experience. In the Arena you’ll have to defeat waves of adversaries (you’re healed between each wave, but every next wave is more powerful).

This task consists of 5 rounds, you must win at least three fights with individual challengers, in every round. Keep in mind that the difficulty of the level increases after each fight. By using Magical Healing, you can heal your partners. Encounter the boss – Nadaig Menaeimen who is a tough boss having max health, armor and durability, dodge and parry his attacks.

So, make sure you’re leveled up before challenging him. Beat him and finish the quest. After beating each adversary, you’re rewarded with 1000 XP along with a two-handed sword (5 agility, two- handed weapons skill is needed).


The quest begins with an interaction with Manfred in New Serene. After going to tavern, you have to interrogate the innkeeper in New Serene regarding the merchandise. Later, interrogate the Custom Officer at the docks.

You’ll learn about the missing key at the end of the pier after having a conversation with him, take that key to unlock a chest. Tell the Custom Officer everything and try to either bribe him or use your intuition. Keep yourself out of sight behind a fence when at the indicated spot.

Following the cutscene, you are given two options: Save Alric or Chase Egon (You should most probably assist Alric due to the fact that Egon can be captured). In order to get hired for searching the dispensary, you’ll have to interact with the rescued man.

Now, go to Hikmet and move to the indicated mark where you tell the guards to go inside no matter what. As you move forward, you’ll find more adversaries such as Captain Ludwig (talk to him after killing the adversaries).

Return to New Serene and again interact with Manfred, telling him about you quest and earn 1600 XP and 3 additional reputation points with Coin Guard. Also, you start a Dirty Traffic side mission.

Dirty Traffic

This side mission is accessible after completing Contraband. Interact with Admiral Cabral and go to San Matheus for the purpose of searching barracks in the city. Chat with each character present in the marked rooms you enter. Head to the meeting area and go to Tir Dob to ask Derde for assistance. If Siora is in your team, then you can depend upon her for convincing a woman, also you can use your intuition.

Travel to the place where prisoners are held called “Sawmill” situated in San Matheus. You’ll encounter some guards there, beat the guards the release the prisoners with the help of a key found in the corpse of one of the guards. Make a trap for Egon’s soldiers and try not get spotted by hiding behind the crates. Defeat the soldiers of Egon when they appear and visit Lieutenant Alexander.

Finish the task by returning to Manfred in New Serene and receive 1900 XP along with 2 additional reputation points with Coin Guard. Also, you start the Egon’s Face side mission.

Egon’s Face

This side mission is accessible after completing Human Trafficking. Interact with Captain Ulric and explore the secret camp. Battle with adversaries and seize the people incharge of the area. Search the illuminated rooms inside the buildings to find poison in a bottle or a letter.

Anything you find as evidence will be given to Manfred in New Serene. You are requested to seize the actual/real Egon. Therefore, fight the man by going to the sqaure next door. Earn 2200 XP along with 2 additional reputation points with Coin Guard.

Missing in Action

The first talk with Kurt, then Constantine to start this quest. Kurt will tell you of a young rookie named Reiner. Head to the barracks and learn more about Reiner from the soldiers. Go downstairs into the morgue (use charisma on the medic to get inside). Examine the body and medical reports.

Afterward, go to the medic and accuse him of lying; go to the Quartermaster, question him and the lieutenants. Look for a soldier in the tavern and ask him about Reiner (do this by buying him a bottle of brandy).

Go to the lieutenant of the 11th squad, he’ll direct you to another soldier. Confront him – use charisma, bribery, or let Kurt handle him. You’ll learn the truth and complete the quest.

Amongst the Ghosts

Complete the ‘Old Countries’ quest and talk to Kurt. Kurt will take you to Wenshaganaw: The Singing Waters. Head to the Ghost Regiment Camp and question the instructor and recruits about the camp itself. In the end, you must talk with a recruit named Wilhelm to learn the truth about the camp.

Leave the camp and return in the evening. Meet with Captain Rolf in his office, then head downstairs and discover a torture chamber. Save Wilhelm from being tortured; the situation can be resolved peacefully or bloodily.

Go now to the recruits’ quarters and look for an underground passageway in the basement. On the other side, you must reach Captain Rolf without tipping off any soldier. The situation can be resolved in many ways – pick whatever method you think best.

A Name for a Family

After meeting with Constantine, talk to Captain Vasco. The captain will suggest you get some sleeping potions – do so. Now head over to the tavern and look for the owner of the brothel – Dieter – in the basement. Bribe him or convince him to help; either works.

Go back to Vasco, from here you can wait for Dieter’s daughter, return at a later time or disguise yourself as a Nauta. If you wait for the daughter, you’ll enter the harbor at night. Hop the fence and search for Vasco’s files in a chest, try not to get spotted.

Family Reunion

Talk with Vasco once you’ve completed the previous quest and have progressed a fair bit in the main story. Afterward, look for Madame Morange and question her; later, talk about Vasco’s affairs with Madame Cler (charisma helps greatly here). Go to the Hikmet Region and search for Ferhat.

Talk with Ferhat, then talk with his employees and gather information. Converse with Ferhat once more and head out to search for some debt collectors. Try to not kill them as it reduces your reputation, but several methods are available to you. Afterward, confront Ferhat and make him confess to his crimes. Talk with Vasco once everything’s done.

Attack on Caravans

Meet with Captain Reinhild, she will direct you to the merchants who can assist you. They will tell you where the caravan was attacked; search it, and then go to the next marked location. You will confront a beast there that you must kill. There will be a body there as well, search it.

Continue onwards to the next point and confront some rebels and beat them. Further on you’ll reach a camp where you’ll meet another rebel – you can kill them or let them go. Either way, head back to Captain Reinhild to complete the quest.

Find Queen Bladnid

After completing the mission ‘Battle of Red Spears’, talk with Siora and agree to help her. Head to the ‘Red Woods’ in Vedrad. Converse with the captain of the Outpost. After learning that Siora’s mother is dead, head to the burial site. After Siora pays her respects, talk to her. Ask the captain to allow you to examine the body (charisma will help). You’ll have to force him if he says no.

Afterward, go to the outpost officer’s quarters and look for a letter; then look for a chest and open it to find even more evidence. Go to the marked location and hide. After the following cutscene, confront and defeat the smugglers. Talk with the captain and go back to the village of Vedrhais. Talk with Eseld to end the quest.

Trouble in Eden

The quest begins in San Matheus when you interact with the Mother Cardinal during the Vices of the Mother Cardinal side mission. Interact with Father Lustinius after Proceeding to Tir Dob. “The Black Lands”. You’ll learn about the Story of Eden, ask the theologians regarding the lost tablets of Sr. Matheus. Investigate the area where the robbery occurred.

Talk to Ler, the former leader of the village and Vidwal. You’ll receive the location of the tablets. Talk to Bran after reaching the location and make him return the tablets by using charisma. Either bribe him or threaten him.

After getting the tablets, return to Eden and receive 1300 XP and 2 additional Theleme  reputation points. A side quest Theological Conflicts begin which can be done completing further missions.

Theological Conflicts

This quest begins after completing Trouble in Eden (Side quest) and Face to Face with the Demon (Main quest). Ask the scientists regarding the progress, as soon as they are finished with the research. Ask assistance from Nearby Naut and interact with brother Fidelis. Take the antidote, take it to brother Fidelis.

You’ll learn about the location of the camo of theologists. Visit Vedvilvie and interact with members of the journey. Few leave while others will still do research. You have to investigate the case concerning the missing. Proceed to the marked spot and investigate the corpses (you can have Siora or someone else with you).

You’ll see every person in the expedition dead. Rush to brother Virgil and interact with him. You will have the following choices:

  • Tell about everything Virgil has done
  • Tell the man to leave the expedition
  • Take 100 gold from Virgil.

You will receive 1600 XP and get In the Footsteps of Saint Matheus side quests.

If you tell about Virgil you receive +2 with Theleme, and you have to kill him. After killing him talk to sister Eugenia (-1 with Theleme). You will be assigned for more tasks associated with excavations. If you tell the man to leave the expedition, you receive 50 gold and an increase in reputation with Theleme after talking to Eugenia.

If you take 100 gold from him, you’ll lose 1 reputation point if Siora is in the party. Send the woman and her people back home, after having a conversation with Eugenia. Receive 3 additional reputation with Theleme upon taking to Virgil once again. Now, you’ll get quests from him.

The Admiral’s Secret Service

The quest begins when interacting with Admiral after finishing Treason main quest. Interact with Captain Ruben and his crew. Proceed to tavern, you’ll see some thugs fighting, you have to tell them to stop the dispute. However, they would not listen to you, so kill them.

Talk to the person at the bar. Buy alcohol for him and he’ll talk to you even more, he’ll show you a delivery place. After reaching the delivery place, stand on the stone ledge. As you stand there, you’ll be approached by a suspicious person.

Go after that person into the town and you’ll find the criminal, to frighten him you can use charisma. Return to Captain and receive 3 additional Naut reputation along with 1300 XP.

The Spy from Theleme

The quest begins after the mission “Mrs. Admiral’s Intelligence”. Search San-Matheus’s port and ask for Alba, you’ll have to interact with Alba’s father at the tavern. He is only found at night time, learn about Alba from him and you will receive a mission for the search of a spy Ordo Luminis. Afterward visit Wenshaganaw. “Singing Waters” and spy on the men.

Later, interact with Johannes and try charisma or offer him 200 gold. Free him from the captured Islander and receive 3 additional reputation with Nauts and 1400 XP. In the end you’ll be given a mission “Sub Rosa”.

Sub Rosa

The quest begins after the mission “The Spy from Theleme”. Visit the guide in Wenshaveye and interact with him to receive the information concerning the existence of the caves. You can sneak into the cave, but be careful because there is a powerful miniboss in that section.

After entering the cave, look for Alba and you’ll find a woman’s corpse, find Alba’s body (2 reputation with Nauts are deducted). Receive 1900 XP and begin “The Enemy Within” automatically.

The Enemy Within

The quest begins automatically after finishing Sub Rosa. Interact with Admiral Cabral regarding the death Alba and receive 3 additional reputation with the Nauts. Interview the new team and visit the tavern to interact with Getchen. Proceed to the location to Captain Reuben.

Follow the person, not too far behind or else his location will be lost. You can take some time off after he has entered his destination or you can see what he drops in the box. Look in the boxes and return to Admiral to tell him about what you saw.

Go the secret meeting place and fight and assist Admiral Cabral. Search captain’s along with his crew’s body, soon after you’ve defeated the adversaries. Receive 2200 XP and 5 additional reputation with the Nauts.

And that’s it for now. Have fun playing!

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