Greedfall Romance Guide – How to Romance Everyone, All the Right Responses, Same-Sex Relationships

Check out our Greedfall Romance Guide to figure out all romance options and relationships possible with your companions and pursuing them.

In Greedfall, you can romance your companions by completing quests that satisfy their needs and having regular conversations with them and failure to do so can make companions upset towards you. This Greedfall Romance Guide covers all you need to know about different romance and relationship options in the game.

Greedfall Relationships

Besides strengthening friendships, you can also romance your companions in Greedfall. You can start a romance with:

  1. Kurt
  2. Siora
  3. Aphra
  4. Vasco

A successful relationship in Greedfall is determined by how well you respond to them but in some cases, even that doesn’t guarantee a romance.

Certain companions have specific gender preferences so you might be out of luck in those cases. Kurt and Aphra are straight but Siora and Vasco can be romanced by both male and female protagonists. So yes, same-sex romance is a possibility in Greedfall.

Each companion has Relationship Levels with you that you can check in the companion menu. They can be Nice, Friendly, Suspicious, Interested, etc.

Bringing the status up to friendly will lead to you getting some sort of boost in your stats from your companions.

However, if you don’t say the right things then the companion will end up greatly disliking you. Therefore, pick options that will make them feel good and do their specific quests.

If you bring your relationship status high enough with Petrus, you’ll gain a boost in Charisma. Siora will boost your Vigor, Vasco will raise Intuition, Kurt will improve your Craftsmanship, and Aphra will boost up your Science stats.

Also, make sure to do the Companion Quests for these companions to improve your relationship with them and add extra points if you want to pursue someone romantically.

Responses to Romance Everyone!

Below we have listed the correct responses to choose when conversing with each character at key moments in the game if you wish to improve your relationship with them in Greedfall:


  • Select “Ask him if he has any happy memories” during A Name for a Family.
  • Select “Tell him that this encounter allowed him to assert himself” during Family Reunion.
  • Select “Tell him that you wish you could sail with him again” during Forever a Naut

Completing this romance gets you the “Love and the Sea” achievement.


  • Select “Tell him that is was so that you could understand him better” during Missing in Action.
  • Select “Tell him about a childhood memory with Constantin” during Amongst the Ghosts.
  • Select “Tell him you hope you will be a part of it” during Settling Scores.

Completing this romance gets you the “Guardian of Love” achievement.


  • Select “Talk to her about the two youths” during Islander Knowledge
  • Select “Tell her that you feel as if you have learned a lot” during Cave of Knowledge.
  • Select “Tell her you hope that you will be a part of it” during the Linking Ritual.

Completing this romance gets you the “Love and Botany” achievement.


  • Select “Tell her about having to say goodbye to your own mother” during Find Queen Bladnid.
  • Select “Tell her it seems logical, given their culture” during Promises Set in Stone.
  • Select “Tell her that you would understand if she had to help her people” during The Queen’s Farewell.

Completing this romance gets you the “Minudhanem” achievement.