Greedfall Level Up Fast Guide – How to Level Up Fast, Infinite XP Farming

Check out our Greedfall Level Up Fast Guide to learn how to earn insane amount of XP and gain levels while staying in just one area.

In Greedfall, leveling up your character is deeply important as it allows you to become tougher and stronger. Our Greedfall Leveling Guide will teach you how to level up fast in the game to stay ahead of the difficulty curve.

Your level is increased by gaining XP. It’s signified by the bar in the top-right corner. Leveling up does not actually raise your stats itself. Instead, in Greedfall, it grants you Skills, Attribute, and Talent points.

These points can be used to improve your character in the game.

How to Level Up Fast in Greedfall

An exploit exists in Greedfall which allows you to easily grind out experience, gold, armor, and other items. For this, you need to get to San Matheus. You can get here in the following way:

Once you reach level 2-3, you will be able to leave the first city of the game, Serene. You’ll end up outside the next city, New Serene. Before you enter the city, go to the Caravan and interact with the person there.

When talking to this person, select the ‘Travel’ option – this will cost 10 gold coins. Then choose ‘San Matheus’ as your travel destination.

This area contains a lot of easily-killable humans, crude ore, and some campfires. This is all you need for this Greedfall leveling up fast exploit.

In Greedfall, humans are the easiest enemies to kill and they drop valuable loot. They can drop gold, armor, weapons, and ammo.

Kill all the humans you encounter in San Matheus and take all their loot. Then obtain the crude and refined ore also available here.

Once you obtain all the loot and ore this Greedfall area has to offer, go to the campfire, and sleep for 6 days in a row.

This will respawn all the enemies and ore in the map so you can just go back and kill all the humans, loot them, and obtain all the ore again. You can do this as many times as you want.

If you only want the humans and not the ore, you can just sleep for 4 days in a row, and they will all respawn but the ore won’t.

This exploit is by-far the easiest way to level up quickly in Greedfall so make use of it as much as you can before the developers (probably) release a patch and fix it.

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