Greedfall Legendary Weapons and Armor Sets Guide

If you are on the search for legendary items in Greedfall, be it legendary weapons or armor sets, read this guide to find all locations.

Legendary Items include Legendary weapons and armor sets in Greedfall. These weapons and armor are the best and most powerful of the game. They deal high damage and provide great protection but as expected, are tough to get.

Greedfall Legendary Weapons and Armor Sets

Legendary weapons and legendary armor sets in Greedfall are to either found in a hidden chest or after you have fought a boss. You might get a key for these hidden chests and then you can open them.

Legendary Weapons Locations

Hammer of The Forgotten God
After the prologue, when you have completed the side quest ‘The Man With The Silver Coin’, you should have the Nice status with the Coins Guard.

When you open the chest after this, you will be rewarded with the weapon.

Scimitar Legendary Sword
When you reach Glendgnamvar the Shore of The Tall Bones where you will locate the broken wooden bridge.

Below the bridge, you are going to find a corpse that will have the key. Take the key and go back up again, cross the bridge and you will find the chest which contains this weapon.

Broadsword of The Deceased King
You are going to be given a side quest to complete called Champion of the Arena. The quest will have bosses and enemies that you have to fight off in order to complete the quest.

As a reward for finishing the quest, you are given this weapon.

Light Flamberge
You are going to find this weapon in Wenshaganaw Singing Waters, where the access to this weapon is going to be guarded by some enemies wearing a skull helmet. You have to clear out the area in order to reach and attain the weapon.

You can kill the enemies one by one or a few at a time and then escape until they go back to their positions and repeat the process again. After clearing the area, you can go and grab the weapon.

When you reach Glendgnamvar The Shore of the Tall Bones, you will enter the Ancient Secrets mission where you will come across a boss that you ave to defeat in order to get the weapon.

After you defeat the boss, you can grab the weapon from the chest near him. If you aren’t on a higher level and it is impossible to kill the boss then you can even try to sneak in and grab it, though it might take a few tries.

Great Scythe
In the main story, you are given a quest called Quest for a Panacea, where you will come across the Root’s Passage. Keep in mind that the passage will only be available while you are doing the quest.

In the cave, you are going to come across a bridge and you have to go under it. Take a right when you reach the bridge and you will reach an area where the room is glowing and here you are going to find this weapon.

Legendary Armor Sets Locations

The Merchant Prince Set
When you reach the Wenshaganaw Singing Waters, you are going to find a corpse. That corpse will have a merchant key that you have to take from him.

Then near the river, you are going to find a chest. Use the key to open the chest and you will find the armor.

Saint Matheus Set
When you reach Vedvilvie, you have to start moving to the northeast. This path will take you to the Cousoneigad Cave inside which you are going to find a chest that will have this armor.

The Major Set
First, you will have a boss fight with Nadaig Vedemen, where you have to defeat him and you are going to find the corpse of the Coin Guard. You have to check him and he has the key to the chest containing the Major Set. Once you find the key. locate the chest near your camp and use the key to open it. Inside the chest, you are going to find the armor set.

These are all the legendary weapon and armor that we have found yet in the game. All of these provide you major advantage when in battles so even if you have to go out of the way to get these, do it as the reward is completely worth it in the end.