How to Fast Travel in Greedfall – Unlock Fast Travel Points

Our Greedfall Fast Travel Guide will breakdown all the basics of unlocking fast traveling in the game so you can easily travel between areas.

Greedfall is a game whose map has been created after putting much thought to it. The map has dozens of different locations and areas including cities and settlements. Due to this, moving from one place to another for small things can be a bit troublesome which is where our Greedfall Fast Travel Guide comes in.

Fast travel is a system where there are certain portals, in this case, points, which allow you to teleport from one place to another.

Greedfall Fast Travel

In Greedfall, you cannot fast travel from any location that you want. That would be too easy!

You need to be on one of the fast travel points that the game has set out for you and from there, you can fast travel to any of the other fast travel locations you have already unlocked.

You will find fast travel points in different cities and settlements where you reside. If you want, you can set out camps around the world on random locations and then you can also fast travel between those points.

Exploration is the key to discover as many fast travel points as you can for easy accessibility to sections of the map.

In Greedfall, the fast travel points appear out to be a globe in cities, stone in villages and fire in the camps. Find these fast travel points on the map and interact with them.

Once you stand on these travel points and interact with them, the map will open up, showing you different locations that you can fast travel to.

To find the fast travel points in your desired location, click on it and the map will show you all the fast travel points that you have discovered in that location.

Choose the fast travel point that is nearest to the location that you want to reach and you will be taken there.

All you have to do is discover as many fast travel points as you can and always check on the map all the fast travel locations around in the world.

This will save you a lot of time that you can use on different stuff like searching for consumables crafting items.