Greedfall Factions Guide

We have compiled a list of all the factions you will encounter as you go through the campaign in Greedfall and what their idealogies are.

As you play through Greedfall, you will come across several factions throughout the game. There are a total of 6 Factions in Greedfall and at the start of the game representing different ideologies. In this Greedfall guide, we will explain all there is to know about these factions and how to improve your standing with them.

Greedfall Factions

At the start of the game, you will be a part of the Congregation of Merchants but later on, in the game, you will be able to make your choices and choose whatever faction you want.

Here is a little overview of all these factions that are a part of Greedfall:

The Bridge Alliance

This is a group of scientists and they have beliefs that science is the answer to everything. They have traveled to this whole new world to just study the natives there and magic and learn new science.

Yecht Fradi

They are the natives of this new world that scientists have traveled to explore. It is called Teer Fradee Island. They have a very special connection to nature and they can also use magic.


Theleme is like a religious organization and they have strong believes based on magic. They are always convincing the people of the island to their ideas.

The Congregation of Merchants

This is the starting faction of your game that hired you. It is an organization that brings together people and are looking for some great wealth and they came to the island in search of treasure.


This is a faction of very specialized sailors and navigators and they have a huge fleet with which they came to the island. Vasco belongs to the Nauts.

Coin Guard

This is an organization or more of a group of highly skilled mercenaries. They sell their expertise for security purposes or assassination and other dirty works. Kurt is a member of the Coin Guard.

Can you Join Multiple Factions?

As it turns out, you can be a part of multiple factions in Greedfall. However, there will be times when you’ll have to pick a specific faction over another. Maintaining an ideal relationship with all factions is important for unlocking the “A Better World” Achievement. Let us show you how you can get it!

How to Get Friendly with All the Factions

You can be friendly with all factions at the same time. And it is especially important for the achievement “A Better World”. You need to be as diplomatic as possible. Getting caught doing any illegal action will reduce reputation with the faction you were performing the illegal action to. So, try to avoid getting caught trespassing or in stealth missions.

Get Level 3 Charisma and Intuition early, as these help you a lot in diplomacy. So, what is the way to getting friendly with all factions? Sidequests. Essentially companion sidequests, because you will get one companion from each faction. So doing their stuff usually boosts your reputation with the factions too.

As a side note, for all factions to work together you need to have friendly relations with all but one of them. Start with Kurt’s Sidequests and then continue on. Some other quests and the necessary decisions to take in order to ensure getting the “A Better World” Achievement.

Egon’s Face

Start only after “Together with Teer Fradee” has been completed. Arrest Egon and instill Sieglinde as the new commander, also make sure Kurt is in your party.

Saint And Wild

Don’t give tablets to Virgil, give them instead to Eugenia, and convince the mother cardinal to reform their religion.

The Experiments of Dr. Asii

Capture him, and don’t kill him no matter what. You need him alive to win the case against him in the next mission after this one.

A New High King

Give Dunncas the crown. No matter what don’t give it to Derdre, for the battle in the cave, keep it for yourself.

Kill Constantin

Pretty obvious because you don’t want the bad ending Afterall, and also this reduces all your effort to nothing.

Even If you are at nice with Theleme and Bridge Alliance, you get a note in the mission “Together for Teer Fradee”, where you have to defend them, and this greatly improves reputation with them.

So once done you will unite all 5 factions in “Together for Teer Fradee”, do the Egon’s Face mission and finally kill off Constantine. Hence, you’ll receive the A Better World Ending and “A Better World” Achievement.

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