Greedfall Builds Guide – Best Builds, Gear, Stats

GreedFall allows its players to build all kinds of characters in order to give players the opportunity to define their own game-plays. Players can build through a set of Skills, Attributes, Talents, Gear, Amulets and Necklaces to achieve a desirable game-play.

Greedfall Builds

In this Guide, I’ve defined a few builds for the game so that you can get yourself going.

The Loose Cannon Build

Primarily for players who love shootin’ some guns. You don’t have to make use of your “ultimate” ability to make this build fantastic. The build can work very well earlier into the game, given that you invest into a good weapon. This build works very well in hard difficulty as well.

You will need to start off with the technical class which will unlock firearms and traps. For this build, you will need upgrades from the firearm tree, all the way to roll dodge.

While you will need upgrades for Stasis, all the way up to Shield of the Enlightened, although you will not need the Shield of the Enlightened for this build, so do not purchase it.

The most important upgrade for this build is Crystallization from Stasis which will deal an additional 50% damage to immobilized enemies.


Go to traps and level up all the way to Bond and its upgrades. Traps will be used during your early game when you will not have Phial Throw as of yet, so during this, the trap that you are going to use is your stasis one.

Use your last four points on the upgrades above Dodge Roll, that will increase your fury generation and damage dealt from behind. These work with firearms as well. This build is good for its increased amount of crowd control.

For attributes, you will only need Accuracy Level 5, and a couple of points in Willpower, and for the third attribute, use your points in Endurance to Level 2.

The most important talent is Science for this build since you’re only using firearms. Level this up to 3, to craft more bullets with fewer ingredients.

Simply use the best gear that you have at the moment.

Either invest into a pistol or a rifle, whichever one you like. With the rifle, you will have more damage although your rate of fire will be lower. With the pistol, you will have a high rate of fire but your bullet consumption will be A LOT

The Hybrid Class Build

This build blasts off your enemies with poison while laying down sweeping elemental damage with two long swords.

Starting with the long sword tree, make sure that you get to the node that increases your basic attack speed, namely the Steel Squall.

Two Swords
Consider using two swords according to what you’re fighting, pump one of these up with as much armor damage as you can, to effectively put down those enemies defenses.

Use the secondary sword to focus on the highest raw damage possible.

Go ahead and level up the roll ability to the max in order to easily roll behind enemies and attack them in the back. This will increase your damage output and your fury generation, which powers your poison inflicting bomb. Add points to your pistol and rifle tree down to Impact Bullets.

Consider having enough points in Agility and Endurance to be able to use the best long swords and as much armor as you think you need. Add a few points in Accuracy as well.

Add one point to your trap ability and place them rightly during combat. These can also be picked up if no one triggers them so don’t be hesitant about using them actively.

Simply use the best gear that you have at the moment.

The Magic Build

Primarily for players who love castin’ some magic.

On the skill tree, go down from the Divine Ring until the treeline splits, then go for Shadow Burst, continuing all the way to Storm, including all the nodes above Lightning Dash.

Spend on the Vulnerability Storm upgrade and Extended Storm as well to get crowd control. Get on with going down the Stasis skill tree all the way up to Shield of the Enlightened and below towards Blessing of the Enlightened.

By using Shield of the Enlightened, you generate fury which is necessary for Storm. Do this before each of your fights and let mana regenerate on its own before you enter the fight. In this way you can have a maxed fury before starting your fight, which will enable Storm.

For this build, Mental Power will be your primary attribute, level this up to 5.

Your second attribute will be Willpower, which will increase your spell duration, and allows you to wear better amulets and necklaces.

You can also use the Endurance Attribute, which will increase your Health. This attribute is somewhat necessary for early game plays when you’re below level 20.

The most important talent for this build is Vigor, level this up to 2. Vigor will increase your health and magic generation out of combat, which will help you to spam Shield of the Enlightened to generate fury, thus enabling Storm before you get into battles.

Use the best ring available at the time. With four points in Willpower, you will be able to use necklaces and amulets such as Grand Chain of the Ordo Luminis.

To effectively use this build, go in between your enemies. Go with Storm and use Shadow Burst for massive amounts of damage, ending the plays with Shadow Impact which are melee strikes or spam Shadow Missile from a distance.

The Battle Mage Build

Primarily for players who love playing aggressive and offensive. This build isn’t complex at all, it consists of increased defense, attack speed and tonnes of damage with heavy weapons.

Start with adding points to the Stasis skill tree, going all the way towards Storm, including Shield of the Enlightened.

Although, you can choose between the Fury or Storm abilities since both of them require a maxed fury meter. In my opinion, Fury works better for this build when compared to Storm.

For the red part, add points to the tree above One-Handed Heavy Weapons, then to Two-Handed Heavy Weapons, and eventually to Fury. You will be using One-Handed Heavy Weapons all the way up to mid-game.

Two-Handed Weapons stun your enemies in an easier way when compared to One-Handed Weapons. The Seismic Shock and Shock Wave abilities can potentially stun and imbalance your enemies when activated.

Add points to Powerful Fury and Regenerative Fury. The former will stun your opponents while the latter heals you and recovers your armor upon activating Fury. In the last, add points to Magic Healing, all the way up to Group Healing. This will remove poison while healing you at the same point.

The two primary attributes for this build are Endurance and Strength.

You will need to level Endurance up to 3 to wear heavier armor, and Strength up to 4 to get the health boost you require to be an effective front liner. In the last, Level Willpower up to 2 in order to wear better necklaces and amulets.

Go with your choice here, although Science is useful for this build as it enables you to craft potions like fury or resistance that are quite useful in combat.

Simply use the best gear that you have at the moment. Primarily the gear that gives the most armor and balance. Use the Hourglass Chain to increase Stasis duration and get a high magic regeneration to spam Stasis and Heals.

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