Greedfall Bosses Guide – Boss Locations, Tips

If you wish to hunt down all the optional bosses in Greedfall's open world and grab some nice loot, our guide walk you through locations and tips!

In Greedfall, there are some extra bosses outside of the main storyline. They are just roaming around in the open world in various maps. It is totally up to you if you want to fight with them or not but if you do, we have compiled this guide for you.

Greedfall Bosses Locations and Tips

You will encounter most of these bosses multiple times throughout the game, either as the main story boss or optional, just with slight different variations. Following are these bosses:

Unknown Creature – The Great Departure

The first boss in Greedfall is literally called the ‘Unknown Creature’. At the very end of the first mission, as you make your way to the ship, he will burst out of it. This boss can be a bit tough as you will not have good armor or skills when you face him.

He deals quite a lot of damage, and what makes the fight even harder is that you must face him without the help of your companions.

What you need to do is remain patient and keep moving around him. Dodge and parry his attacks and strike him when you see a proper opening.

The best opening you will get is right as he ends an attack; he will become vulnerable for a short while, allowing you to get in a few hits.

At this point in the game, you will have a ton of ammunition; so, make sure to make us of it if you have a firearm.

Nadaig Glendemen – Wenshaganaw. Singing Waters
You will face off this boss when you complete the side mission named Settling the Score for Kurt. You will find it in a cave near the shipwreck.

This creature has some long tentacles and would bury down the ground and make its charge. It will burrow under the ground so you will have to dodge a lot and it will not give you much time to attack.

You need to make the right timing, which is mostly the intervals before its attack and charge.

Nadaig Magamen – Glendgnamvar. “The Shore of the Tall Bones”
You will find this boss at the entrance of Bedri, it will be guarding Bedri. It is a very strong boss and holds a spear in its hand.

He can use this spear for very long-range attacks and perform many deadly combos. It can also throw the spear for a projectile attack.

He is very fast and strong so you will have to be on your feet all the time. It is going to be a difficult one for a melee combat specialist.

Nadaig Frasamen – Wenshaganaw. Singing Waters
This is a forest miniboss and will be an easy one. You just need to keep an eye for its fire attacks. It will summon the fire and you will have to dodge it before it explodes.

Other than that, it has strong legs and heavy armor, avoid its legs attacks and you will be fine. After defeating the boss, you will see the corpse, and a key inside.

This is the key to a chest that you will find above water. Inside that chest is going to be a merchant set.

Nadaig Glendemen – Glendgnamvar. “The Shore of the Tall Bones”
You will face off with this boss if you want to, during the mission Ancient Mystery. This boss is an easy one, it is hefty and big.

It attacks with its mouth and hands so its range is quite less. After defeating it you will find a chest with a legendary one-handed weapon.

Nadaig Vedemen – Magasvar. “The Valley Of The Great Battle.”
You will find this enemy in the water. It has long tentacles and will attack you from under the water spitting acid with those tentacles.

This is a big boss but if you dodge its spikes and leg you will be fine. After defeating this enemy, you will find corpses nearby and there you will find a key and major set.

This key will be of a chest on top of the tower which you can access by ladder. There you will find more items of the major set and a two-handed sword.

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