Greedfall Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide – Decisions, Parrying, Weapons, Armor, Companions

Check out our handy Greedfall Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide before starting your journey in Greedfall that will aid you throughout your journey.

When you start in Greedfall, things may seem a bit confusing since this is Spider’s most detailed and complex game yet. The game does a decent job at being self-explanatory. However, knowing all the tips and tricks in our starting Greedfall Beginners Guide will give you a bit of a headstart when starting in the game.

Greedfall Beginners Tips

One of the first tips for Greedfall is when you make a character, you get to pick which class you want from the following: Warrior, Technical or Magic. Once you choose your Greedfall class, you will then have to select a starting Attribute and Talent.

The best starting attribute is Endurance. It will grant you a good amount of balance, coupled with a hundred HP. Balance decreases your vulnerability to stun and to being knocked down.

This will help you a lot when you start in the game. Having a high balance will also enable you to wear very heavy armor.

The best starting Talent is either Lockpicking or Vigor. Vigor restores your mana and HP. This will decrease your potion use by quite a lot, saving them for when you engage in combat.

With Vigor, you are also able to go through some specific passages, for which balance is needed. These areas can contain rewards, or they might just serve as shortcuts to other areas.

There are a lot of chests in the game which require Lockpicking to open. These chests contain relatively good loot.

You will get to choose another talent and attribute after every four levels. Choose the ones which best align with your skills.

Your Decisions Matter

Greedfall is a very creative RPG. Every action you make has some ramification later in the game. Make every action, whether it be a lie or a truth, carefully.

Don’t mess up your relationships with useful people. Don’t betray your faction. Don’t be careless with your allies.

Always Remember To Block

Getting good at blocking, right as you are starting in Greedfall, will help you tremendously. Blocking will deflect all incoming damage. However, you might get stunned if you have a low balance.

You can also parry your enemy’s attack by blocking right as they hit you. This will automatically perform a counter-attack (unless playing with magic). Your fury bar will also be filled up quicker through these counter-attacks.

An important thing to remember is that attack animation is not locked in. Meaning that you can block even when you’re in the middle of performing an attack.

Take Note of Enemy Armor

In every battle, you must take note of your enemies’ armor. It is signified by the blue shield icons above the enemy. If you mainly play with magic, you don’t need to care about armor as it is negated by magic damage.

If you’re using firearms or melee weapons, keeping track of your enemy’s armor is very important. Their armor decreased the effect of your damage by a significant amount.

Every weapon has its own ‘Armor Damage’. This indicates how quickly they can break down the enemy armor.

The highest armor damage is possessed by Heavy One-Handed or Two-Handed weapons, while Blades have the lowest armor damage.

Two-Weapon Slots

In Greedfall, you can equip two melee weapons at a time, with another slot for a ranged weapon. While in battle, you can switch between these weapons. This is a very useful mechanic as it allows you to, say, wields a heavy weapon with a blade.

Fury & Special Attacks

The fury bar is filled up as you attack, block, and parry. The amount of fury produced with each attack, block or parry varies across different weapons.

Once the fury bar fills up to 50%, your hands will glow yellow and you will be able to use a special attack. Every weapon has a different special attack.

If it fills up 100%, your hand will glow red and you will be able to use the special attack more than once. You could also use a special skill, consuming all fury. These skills can be unlocked in the skill tree.

Communicate with Companions

Every time you travel pause, your companions will have something to say to you. They will give you useful information which could potentially help you later in the game.

They may even give you some side quests. Communicating with your companions and completing their given side quests in Greedfall will strengthen your relationship with them which is extremely important to keep good and effective party.

Remember to Loot

While exploring the world in Greedfall, remember to loot everything you see. Whether it be dead bodies, glowing crates, pine resin, plants or rocks with crude ore.

Side Quests

Greedfall allows players to complete quests in a few different ways. You can also attempt side quests, along with the main ones. You have the option to choose which objective you want to track by selecting the quest, using the ‘Change the follow-up’ button.


While in a mission, feel free to explore the semi-open world of Greedfall. Find whatever chests, bosses, enemies, side quests and campfires you can. These missions will not show up on the map so you’ll have to look around for them.

The Camp

While you travel from an area to another, you will visit a camp. In this camp, you can choose your companions and do some crafting.

There will also be a merchant present here. Every time you visit a camp in Greedfall, the merchant will present new items. So, always check out what you can purchase from him.

Menu Pause

While in battle, always remember that you have the option to pause the game. This will allow you to take a breather and also see enemy stats. If you get overwhelmed in a battle, pause the game, and analyze the situation.

Don’t Forget Your Potions

If things get rough in battle, always remember to effectively use potions. These can make battles much easier for you.

That’s all the tips and tricks you need to know as a beginner in Greedfall. If you have any additional tips which would fit in this guide, do let us know

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