There Will Be No Graphics Downgrade For Anthem, Says BioWare

The biggest concern after seeing reveal trailer Anthem was that will graphics downgrade in final product or not. To which BioWare has given confirmation.

One of the biggest concerns of fans regarding the upcoming Bioware’s Anthem game is that its graphics might get downgraded in the final version. To which BioWare is keen to inform that it may not be the case this time.

We have seen in the past that, some games in their announcement trailers have displayed high graphics quality and when the final product came up with a significant downgrade in the graphics.

In such cases, a graphics downgrade was mentioned. Now, most of the fans are worried that it might be the case for Anthem as well.

Games like Watch Dogs and The Division have experienced the same. The concern of the fans is pretty original and makes sense. It’s like selling a product which does not feature the aspects it promises to.

When Anthem was revealed during E3 2017, the visual quality was literally amazing and everyone loved it. Some even referred to it as breathtakingly gorgeous.

Following that, Casey Hudson said that this game will be unlike anything anyone has ever played. Which apparently set the expectations bar a bit high.

A question arose that will the graphics be as good as the final product? or will they downgrade?

Apparently, BioWare has given a confirmation of sort, that what the fans saw in the reveal trailer of the game will be, what the actual game will look like.

Yes, you read that right, according to BioWare, the slice shown off during E3 is an actual representation of the final product.

Which is an assurance for many fans, and adds up to the overall hype of the game.

The confirmation comes from BioWare’s Technical Design Director, Brenon Holmes, via Reddit. A user asked whether the graphics of Anthem will be as good as the reveal trailer to which Holmes replied, that “yes, you will have your confirmation very soon.”

That said, we are also expecting a Beta before the actual game so, hopefully, we will know about the graphics then.

BioWare’s Anthem is in development and will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The release date for the game is expected to be sometime in 2019.