Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date Rumor Debunked

After a day of fun for Grand Theft Auto 6 fans, Take Two debunks the claims that its release will be in 2023. We're back at the start.

It’s not even 24 hours since we thought we made a breakout regarding the release date for Grand Theft Auto 6. Marketing spending from Take-Two gave fans some hints about the next GTA game releasing in 2023. However, this isn’t the case. The publisher confirms that this commitment is destined for third-party marketing and not a GTA title. We’re back at the start of the road.

The news comes from updating the original story on the Grand Theft Auto 6 release date speculation. According to the update, Take-Two confirms that those unusual high marketing commitments are external party expenses. We wouldn’t even expect Take-Two to confirm that those marketing expenses are for GTA 6. The timeframe is saddening for fans nonetheless.

The original news wanted Take-Two to be making a huge leap in marketing expenses for the 2024 fiscal year. This raise is not even a small amount since it’s more than double the usual. More specifically, here are the marketing expenses for the next years:

  • 2022 – $38.9 million
  • 2023 – $40.9 million
  • 2024 – $89.3 million
  • 2025 – $35.5 million

We don’t know what those external party expenses are for. Take-Two Interactive has a huge list of franchises to support so it could literally be any of them.

As far as the Grand Theft Auto 6 release date, we’re still at zero. Everything points to the game being in development right now although nothing is official yet. Several rumors sprinkle mystery into the project. Ned Luke, the voice actor for player character Michael in Grand Theft Auto 5, says that you shouldn’t believe Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors that you see on the internet. He believes that it’s highly likely that most of them aren’t insiders at all and are just making use of clickbait.

For the time being, we know nothing about Grand Theft Auto 6 and its release date. We can speculate that it is a next-gen title coming to PC and consoles the earliest late next year but that’s as far as we can go.

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