How To Farm Mirage Munitions In Granblue Fantasy Relink

Farm Mirage Munitions in Granblue Fantasy Relink to fully upgrade weapons.

Mirage Munitions are basically light blue shiny gems that you will need to salvage for one purpose in Granblue Fantasy Relink. Mirage Munition is one of the crafting resources needed to upgrade your weapons to their maximum level in order to complete your OP builds and dominate your fights at Proud and Maniac difficulties.

However, this particular item will not be accessible at the start of your story progression as you will need to complete the Final chapter of the main story and end chapter zero. Once you do that, you will be able to unlock the Mirage Munition item in Granblue Fantasy: Relink. All you need to do is visit the Quest Counter and undertake boss missions on Maniac and above difficulty levels.

Missions where you can farm Mirage Munitions

Mirage Munition can be farmed by completing the following quests at Maniac and Proud difficulty. Remember, they only drop at Maniac and above difficulty in Granblue Fantasy Relink so don’t waste your time trying to farm Mirage Munitions at lower difficulties.

The table below lists all the quests where you can farm Mirage Munitions as well as the locations where you can find the quests and what difficulty you need to play them at.


You can grind certain missions such as Death, Taxes, and Goblins repeatedly to collect Mirage Munition with relative ease.

Mirage Munition QuestDifficulty and Location
The Automagod Strikes BackProud, Sheerstone Altar
The Tale of Bahamut’s RageProud, Grandcypher Deck
The Final ReportProud, The Forgotten Sky
A Heated RovalryManiac, The Phondam Isles
Armor Is Best Served ColdManiac, Snowquilt Ravine
Throw a Smith a BoneManiac, Snowquilt Ravine
I See a Grim VisionManiac, Seedhollow Castle
Rumble in the DesertManiac, Dahli Relicbelt
Icy Eye on the Holy PriceManiac, Decrepit Monastery
Death, Taxes, and GoblinsManiac, Zeghard Fortress
A New BreedManiac, The Hills
Golemology 103: Forest GolemsManiac, Sundappled Grove
Serenity Upon the MountManiac, Mt. Neigelith, Leautagne Is.
Know Your EnemyManiac, Halewind Altar
Boss Done Wants It DidManiac, Sheerstone Altar
Roost and ReignManiac, Skywyrm Valley
Hope in the MachineManiac, The Phondam Isles
Revenge of the HordesManiac, Sundappled Grove
Saga Grande: Happily Ever AfterManiac, Pillar of Vayoi
Id Bears RepeatingManiac, Hollowhaze Altar
Saga Illustrated: VeilManiac, Seedhollow Castle
The Saga Continues: SilverManiac, Mt. Negelith, Leautagne Is.
Saga Illustrated: HellfireManiac, The Phantom Isles
Saga Illustrated: CrystalManiac, Felfrost Altar
The Saga Continues: WindManiac, Halewind Altar
The Saga Continues: EarthManiac, Dahli Relicbelt
Frigid TrialProud, Felfrost Altar
Stormy TrialProud, Halewind Altar
Grounded TrialProud, Sheerstone Altar
Blazing TrialProud, The Phondam Isles
The Wolf and the VeilProud, Seedhollow Castle
A Quest of Frost and StormProud, Felfrost Altar
A Quest of Fire and EarthProud, The Phondam Isles
For a Freer FolcaProud, The Hills
Banquet of Ice and CorpsesProud, Felfrost Altar
Melting Pot of HostilityProud, The Phodam Isles
Trade BarriersProud, Dahli Relicbelt
Worst Vacation EverProud, Snowquilt Ravine
Into the AbyssProud, Seedhollow Castle
Thunderbolts and LighteningProud, Halewind Altar
As Fierve as the Silver WolfProud, Pillar of Vayoi  
Calamity IncarnateProud, Pillar of Vayoi 
I See a Chromatic VisionProud, Pillar of Vayoi 

Once you have amassed a certain amount of Mirage Munition by defeating enemy bosses at certain difficulties, you will need to visit the Blacksmith next.

As it happens, you will come across a Blacksmith during Chapter 5 of your main story progression in Granblue Fantasy: Relink. He will be present in Folca, so you can make your way to this location and interact with him to forge weapons with the required materials.

As stated earlier, Mirage Munitions can be socketed onto your weapons to boost their stats, and this process can be done once you meet the Blacksmith in GBF Relink. You can then select the option that says “Upgrade Weapons.”

After that, you will need to select your teammate next and the weapon they are proficient in wielding. Upon selecting the weapon, you can choose the fourth option, which says Mirage Munitions, and you will be able to add and remove this item from your weapons.


The maximum number of Mirage Munitions that can be applied on one particular weapon in GBF Relink will be capped out at 99.

You can notice that you will be able to utilize your Mirage Munition by adding Marks. Once you hit the execute option you will also see a significant boost in your weapon stats in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

Since you can have four characters at a time in your party in Granblue Fantasy Relink, you will require a total of 396 Mirage Munition items to upgrade each one of their weapons. If you want to replace a teammate in your crew then you can also remove the Mirage Munition from the weapon of the previous owner and apply it to the weapon of the newer teammate as well.

This option will come in handy if you aren’t interested in spending your time farming Mirage Munition in Granblue Fantasy Relink and are just happy with the amount you currently have.

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