Granblue Fantasy Relink Best Yodarha Build

Despite his size, Yodarha in Granblue Fantasy Relink is one of the fastest characters and we have the perfect build to go with his agility.

Yodarha is an extremely agile character in Granblue Fantasy Relink who can deliver nonstop attacks thanks to his incredible speed. In fact, Yodarha is pretty much the fastest character in the game which allows you to make some really interesting builds with him.

In terms of attacking capabilities, Yodarha has a basic strategy where he starts with his normal attacks, builds up charge with those attacks, and finally finishes with a powerful Combo Finisher. To make full use of Yodarha’s speed and versatility, I have created an endgame build that is sure to help you out on Maniac and Proud difficulties in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.


If you perform four successful combo finishers with Yodarha, you will be able to perform a full combo attack with just a single press of the button. So keep spamming those finishers and increase the duration of your invincibility buff during boss fights.

Best Yodarha Skills

  • Awakening
  • Empty Mist
  • Flashing Void
  • Perpetual Rotation
  • (Extra) Sky Shatter
  • (Extra) Hymn of the Hundreds
Granblue Fantasy Relink Yodarha build

Awakening is the first skill you should pick to get started with the best build for Yodarha. The Awakening skill will be a gap closer, letting you get close to enemies and then follow up with a couple of attacks. These attacks can then also be followed up with a Combo Finisher.

Overall, this Awakening skill allows you to inflict a fast-paced attack without any delay, and the damage can stack up pretty well.

The next skill for Yodarha you should pick is Empty Mist. Once you use this particular skill, Yodarha will inflict multiple slashes on the targeted enemies. This attack can also be followed up with a combo finisher to seal the deal. The best thing about the Empty Mist skill is that you can do an insane amount of damage, especially against large enemy bosses.

For your third skill, you can settle upon the Flashing Void option for your Endgame Yodarha Build. This specific skill allows you to deliver 13 hits when you time your hits while observing the white circle on your target.


Once you use the Flashing Void skill along with the combo finisher at the end of your attack, Yodarha becomes invincible. So, you won’t need to move around too much to dodge incoming enemy attacks. The skill can also be used midair.

Perpetual Rotation is considered the best skill as this is what makes your Yodarha truly a powerful character in GBF: Relink. This skill grants Yodarha all three of his marks without having to go into the basic attack combo, and you will also receive all your cooldowns.

In short, Perpetual Rotation is a must-have skill for your build, as it will help you eradicate endgame enemy bosses with relative ease.

As for optional skill changes, you can also set Sky Shatter as your fourth skill to complete your Yodarha build. Here, Yodarha will simply launch into the air and deliver a devastating slash attack, which travels in a vertical beam for a short distance.

If you want to exchange a skill then you can do it with the Hymn of the Hundreds skill. This particular skill allows Yodarha to use mirror images of himself which lets him take 3 different hits without suffering any damage.

Keep in mind that once you get hit 3 times you will lose the blurry effect caused by the Hymn of the Hundreds skill. However, it is a pretty nice skill as it increases the survivability factor for you.

Best Weapons for Yodarha

  • Fudo-Kuniyuki / Higurashi
  • Swordfish, Tipper of Scales
Granblue Fantasy Relink best weapons for Yodarha

The best weapon that you can choose for your Yodarha build during your playthrough is arguably the Fudo-Kuniyuki. This Ascension weapon provides an attack damage bonus along with boosting your attack power so it will be a great option for clearing quests at extreme difficulty levels.

On the other hand, if you haven’t acquired the Ascension weapon mentioned above then you can choose Higurashi for your early-game Yodarha build. This Stinger weapon provides you with certain useful features such as Critical Hit Rate and Critical Hit Damage which will help you in targeting enemy weak points and delivering a nice dose of damage on them in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

Keep in mind that despite the weapons mentioned above, in the long run, Yodarha’s Terminus weapon, Swordfish, is going to be the best option for your build in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

Thie Swordfish Terminus weapon comes with excellent traits such as Sigil Booster, Damage Cap, and most importantly Catastrophe. All these aspects will contribute towards increasing your damage output and you will also get a taste of Regen once you have this Terminus weapon equipped on your build.

Best Yodarha Sigils

  • Swordmaster’s Prowess
  • Swordmaster’s Art
  • Quick Cooldown
  • War Elemental
  • Damage Cap V
  • Improved Dodge
  • Potion Hoarder
  • Critical Hit Rate V
  • Tyranny V
  • Supplementary Damage V
Granblue Fantasy Relink Yodarha Sigils

The first unique sigil that can be easily included in your Yodarha build will happen to be Swordmaster’s Prowess in GBF: Relink. This sigil will boost Yodarha’s attack power whenever he delivers a combo finisher.

In short, the attack damage will be increased by an additional 30%, and the effects of this particular sigil will reset when the combo chain ends. However, this means that you won’t be able to have 100% uptime on this sigil.

That being said, Swordmaster’s Art is another good sigil option to add to your Endgame Yodarha build since it provides you with a 75% chance to not consume your shroud marks. This way you won’t need to reset the skill cooldowns for any skill that you end up using during your battles.

You can pair it up with useful traits such as Quick Cooldown to capitalize your skill cooldown reduction time by 20 % and this way your attacking capabilities will increase significantly.

Depending on your luck if you have by chance acquired a War Elemental sigil by getting your Curious appraised then you can slap it on your Yodarha build. This powerful sigil will help you inflict elemental damage on enemies and will prove to be quite useful, especially during your end-game progression.

Moving on, the Damage Cap V sigil is pretty much self-explanatory, and if you pair it up with the Improved Dodge trait, then it will be a game changer for your best Yodarha build. This way you will be able to dodge seven times instead of three as your Dodge Count will go all the way to +4 on max level.

Similarly, if you have another Damage Cap V sigil on your build which comes with Potion Hoarder sigil, then you can increase your health and survive longer in those tough fights.

The Critical Hit Rate V sigil comes with Stamina and grants you with an increased Crit Hit Rate depending on how much you have upgraded this sigil. Overall it is a highly reliable skill as it grants a decent bonus to your attacks and raises your Stamina at the same time as well for your Ultimate Yodarha Build in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

You can use Tyranny V sigil to lower your HP in return for an extra boost to your attack damage. If you have Aegis along with this sigil then it will further boost up your HP so that you can survive those tough fights and still deal a heck of a lot of damage on the enemy bosses.

Lastly, if you have any Supplementary Damage sigils lying around in your inventory then make sure to use them as these can turn out to be excellent options for your build. These specific sigils help increase your damage output without hitting the damage cap by adding another instance of damage whenever you attack an enemy with your best Yodarha build in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

Best Party Composition with Yodarha

Yodarha can make use of his attacks along with his Combo Finisher to deal nonstop damage to enemy bosses. However, to get the most out of your best Yodarha Build you will need to choose the best attacking party for this specific character. For that matter, you can easily include the following characters:

Eugen: He is a ranged fighter who can deliver a large amount of DPS on any targeted enemy. You can use Eugen’s attacking power along with Yodarha’s combo finishers to deal a significant amount of damage to enemy bosses during your battles.

Siegfried: You can use Siegfried to take the incoming attacks meant for Yodarha as this character is quite tanky. Moreover, Siegfried can also perform a powerful finisher to deplete the enemy’s health much faster than the rest of the attacks.

Lancelot: He is an excellent option as a melee striker who can keep the damage ongoing with Yodarha’s attacks on enemy bosses. This way you will be able to complete those hard difficulty quests much more quickly in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

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