Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Pro Version Shown In New Footage

Now that PS4 Pro is out, it is inevitable that a Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Pro version will also be developed alongside one for the normal PS4. Some recently emerged footage highlights exactly what the changes will be in this upgraded version.

During the Taipei Game Show held last week, developer Polyphony Digital showcased Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Pro version which also happens to be a new gameplay footage in a very long time.

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The gameplay footage recorded is not a direct feed or even the best quality but it still does a good job of showing the improved visual fidelity of Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Pro version especially the bump to 4K resolution.

A complete list of PS4 Pro enhancements isn’t available yet which makes sense considering the game doesn’t have a fixed release date any more. It is however known that the game will feature HDR and 4K@60 FPS thanks to checkerboard rendering.

Originally scheduled for a 2016 release, Gran Turismo Sport was delayed late last year and no word was given on when the new release will be.

Considering Sony’s launch of PS4 Pro in November 2016, it was obvious developers would need more time to create and optimize high quality assets for a game that was still in development.

Hopefully, more information regarding the Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Pro version as well as a final release date will be announced soon, maybe even before E3 2017.

Those fans who were hoping to enjoy the full Gran Turismo experience with VR immersion might be a bit disappointed as the developers revealed last year that the game will not be fully playable in VR.

Prior to the launch of Drive Club, Gran Turismo franchise was the premiere racing sim when it came to Sony’s consoles. Gran Turismo 6 managed to sell more than 5 million copies on PS3 since its launch in 2013.

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