Gran Turismo Sport Will Not Be Fully Playable In VR

Sony has jumped in the virtual reality market with its PlayStation VR and many developers have announced PSVR support for their games. Developer Polyphony Digital also announced PSVR support for their upcoming Gran Turismo Sport, but the game will not have full VR compatibility.

According to Videogamer, Polyphony Digital President Kazanori Yamauchi has confirmed that Gran Turismo Sport will not be fully playable in VR and will have VR Tour game mode instead. This means that players will probably not be able to race with the VR headset plugged in.

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As Gran Turismo Sport is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, the game will also be available for PlayStation 4 Pro. According to the devs, the game will be not be native 4K on PS4 Pro but will be upscaled to it at 60 frames per second. According to Polyphony’s CEO:

The company has implemented the latest technologies for the visual enhancements specially the checkerboard rendering. We are more committed than ever to making GT Sport the best Gran Turismo game to date.

While the game has already been delayed to 2017, developer Polyphony Digital is yet to announce the final launch date for Gran Turismo sport.

Gran Turismo is one of the most popular exclusive franchises for PlayStation, the series has sold over 76.8 million copies to date and the last entry in the franchise Gran Turismo 6 has sold over 5 million units.

Gran Turismo is an upcoming racing video game in development at Polyphony Digital and will launch sometime in 2017 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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