Gran Turismo Sport Possibly Delayed Until 2017

Gran Turismo Sport will possibly be delayed into 2017 and the beta pushed down to the end of 2016. More details on Polyphony's plans inside.

Not too much information has been released so far about the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport for PS4. At the start of the year we were treated to some artwork of cars and locations for the racing sim, but the latest rumour isn’t that great unfortunately. It seems that the game may be delayed into 2017, slipping from its original plan of release this year.

Gran Turismo Sport will be separate from the main series of games from Polyphony Digital, therefore not a numbered entry. It will be the first instalment for the PS4 however, so fans have high expectations from the iconic series, especially as it is set to make use of the Playstation VR. A beta is planned for release at some point in 2016 as well.

According to Italian website the title will now be pushed back to a 2017 release.

It has been revealed that the beta for the game is now scheduled for the end of 2016, with the final game to probably release next year. There are other interesting details too including the fact that Gran Turismo Sport will not be an extension of Gran Turismo 6, but very much it’s own standalone experience.

With the rise in eSports over the past few years, Polyphony Digital are looking to get on board with this trend and tailor their game towards the phenomenon. The developers have developed a partnership with the FIA (International Automobile Federation) to ensure a genuine association with professional racing events.

The Gran Turismo series sure is popular, with over 76 million copies sold by the end of lasy year. Whenever we do get our hands on Gran Turismo Sport we look forward to another beautiful racing sim for the Playstation once again.