How to Get Gotsumon in Digimon Survive

This guide will explain in detail how to get or befriend the prankster Gotsumon in the newly released Digimon Survive.

Having the right set of friends is always assuring to have. They give you a sense of security that they will have your back when the time comes. It’s better to have powerful friends than powerful foes that is why you need to catch Gotsumon in Digimon and this guide will explain in detail how to get Gotsumon in Digimon Survive.

How to Unlock Gotsumon

You will encounter Gotsumon – One of the most annoying and problematic characters in the game, twice during your adventure in Digimon Survive. The first time you will come face to face with Gotsumon will be during the prologue of the game.

At that time, you won’t be able to catch Gotsumon. The second time you will encounter him is after Aoi disappears during one part of the story. After Aoi disappears, several restricted areas of the game will now be available to you.

There will be lots of areas and one of those areas is Free Battle, in that area, you will be able to face different Digimon in free battles. In one of those battles, you will face Gotsumon, where you can befriend him.

Unlike Pokémon, you don’t have to fight Digimon to catch them. All you have to do is to engage in a conversation with them and give them correct answers. You can fight them as well but Digimon is more about brains and less about brawn.

Gotsumon is a bit of a prankster and likes to joke around as well but is not afraid to throw a punch when needed. If you want to catch Gotsumon, you will need to engage in a conversation during your second encounter.

Gotsumon Best Answers

The best responses to Gotsumon’s questions are given below. With these answers, you have the best chance to get Gotsumon

Question/Statement: I don’t feel so good… Someone, help… …Pfft, ha ha ha, just kidding! Did I getcha?!

Best Answer: Whoa, you scared me!

Question/Statement: I don’t care if you smile, laugh, or whatever! I ain’t gonna trust no human!

Best Answer: I’ll earn your trust!

Question/Statement: Go on… Try guessing what I think of ya!

Best Answer: That I’m cool?

Question/Statement: Boy, you’re a tough-lookin’ mug, aren’t ya?! I bet I’d lose if we threw down…

Best Answer: I’d definitely lose.

Question/Statement: Hey, what kinda food do ya like?

Best Answer: Love me some meat!

Question/Statement: Next! Whaddaya think’d be a good prank?

Best Answer: A pit trap?

Question/Statement: Don’t you think every day’s just sooo boring?

Best Answer: Makes me wanna yawn.

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