How To Unlock Secret Clayface Case File In Gotham Knights

Clayface, one of the many villains terrorizing Gotham City, has a secret case file that you can unlock in Gotham...

Clayface, one of the many villains terrorizing Gotham City, has a secret case file that you can unlock in Gotham Knights for a brand new questline.

Clayface has been using Clay Mimics to wreak havoc in the city. Your job is to track down and put Clayface behind bars to stop his Clay Mimic army.

The only requirement to unlock the secret Clayface case file is to finish Case 2: The Rabbit Hole, the second storyline mission in Gotham Knights. It will take you around a couple of hours to beat.

Once you have started Case 3: In The Shadows, you need to follow the steps below to access the secret Clayface case file. There is no time period to follow. You can even unlock the case file after beating the game.

Defeat Clay Mimics for Clay Samples in West End

Make your way to the West End district in New Gotham and start scanning for random crimes in the area.

You need to find the crimes with the inverted orange triangle icons. These can only be found in West End and denote that a Clay Mimic is wreaking havoc in the location.

When you find one of such crimes, head there to find a Clay Mimic attacking a random pedestrian. Defeat the Clay Mimic and it will leave behind a Clay Sample for you to loot.

Head back to start scanning for more Clay Mimic crimes. You need to find and defeat a total of five Clay Mimics to loot five Clay Samples.

Head back to the Belfry to scan the samples

Once you have five Clay Samples, you will unlock the secret Clayface case file. Open your case file menu to see CF01: Clay Face added.

Your next step will be to return to the Belfry and interact with the Bat Computer to scan the Clay Samples. This will launch an entirely new Clayface questline as another side mission to complete.

Load Disturbance at Dixon Docks from the case file menu to being tracking down Clay Face before he does more damage.

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