Gotham Knights Owl Head Puzzle Solution

During case 5.2 of Gotham Knights, you will have to escape from the clutches of the Court of Owls.

When you exit the labyrinth, you will face another obstacle that revolves around solving a giant owl head puzzle. In this guide, we will help you figure out how to solve this owl head puzzle in Gotham Knights.

How to solve Owl Head Puzzle in Gotham Knights

In the main storyline, when you leave the labyrinth, you will find yourself locked up in a room. There will be a gigantic spherical Owl head in front of you which will be radiating light beams.

There are four pressure plates in the room on which you have to stand until the owl head moves in your direction. You have to keep stepping on the right puzzle plates until the owl head is in the right position.

Below we have mentioned the location of all the floor plates you need to stand on to solve the puzzle and move the owl head.

  • The first one is on the wall, right in front of the entrance path. The plate will be shining on the wall, just grapple to it.
  • Face the entrance door and to the left of the owl’s head, you will find the 2nd plate. Just step on it.
  • On the right of the owl’s head, there’s the third plate.
  • Then, lastly, the fourth plate is on the entrance wall. You need to grapple to it.

The owl’s head will turn and will shine a beam on the exit door. The door will open and you can leave.

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