Gotham Knights Co-Op: How To Fix Failed To Join Session

Playing any game with your buddies online sounds fun. With the release of Gotham Knights, everyone wanted to enjoy the...

Playing any game with your buddies online sounds fun. With the release of Gotham Knights, everyone wanted to enjoy the game with their friends. The party got ruined for some players when they got the error failed to join the session when they were trying to join the friend server in Gotham Knights. Read this guide to learn about how to solve “failed to join session” in the game.

How to fix “failed to join session” error in Gotham Knights

The multiplayer will sometimes not work and throw an error at you called “failed to join session” resulting in “Gotham knights not working”. The problem might be due to your internet connection or might be due to bad server. Follow the steps below to solve failed to join session error in Gotham Knight.

Restart the game

When you are faced with an error such as “Gotham knight’s co-op not working”, restarting the game is one of the basic troubleshooting things to do. As this error is related to the multiplayer in the game, it’s best if both players restart their game.

Check internet connectivity

Internet connectivity is required for you to connect to the Gotham Knight servers. It is very common that the error might be due to a bad internet connection.

Since the multiplayer mode is dependent on online connectivity the “Gotham knight’s multiplayer not working” issue could be a result of poor internet connection leading to high pings. This would also result in “matchmaking error” leaving you unable to join the game with your friends. 

To solve the internet connectivity issue, you can check in your console and PC settings that it is connected. You can also restart your internet router and if that does not solve the issue, you can also contact your ISP.

Check Warner Bros server status

Once you have made sure that the problem is not from your end, the problem might be due to a bad server. This might be due to the possible server upgrade from Warner Bros. They also might be releasing the patch to the game and that is why the server is down.

To get insider news about the possible server downtime, you can head over to the discord server of the Gotham Knight. You can also get the news from the Reddit page and Facebook of Warner Bros.

Swap multiplayer host

The error failed to join the session sometimes only occurs when you join the multiplayer server of the specific player.

To solve that, you can swap the host and become the host yourself. You can then give the invite to the other player and maybe this will solve the issue.

Verify integrity of game files

Sometimes, the game will act weird and throws errors at you if you have any corrupted file installed in your game. You can check the integrity of the game file by going to Gotham Knight on Steam. Right-click on the game and select the properties.

Choose the local file and find Verify Integrity of Game Files. Click the option from the menu and the game files of Gotham Knight will get verified.

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