Google And Facebook Facing Another Lawsuit for Privacy Violation

Google and Facebook have gone to court plenty of times over the last couple of year and it has happened again and this time it is due to privacy violations. The lawsuit claims that Facebook and Google secretly keep track of user locations.

I am sure that there are people around the world that are not comfortable with sharing this kind of information with companies like Google and Facebook but they have no say in the matter. According to the suit:

Facebook secretly tracks, logs, and stores location data for all of its users–including those who have sought to limit the information about their locations that Facebook may store in its servers by choosing to turn Location History off.

Some users might even limit the information that servers hold about them but Facebook and Google mislead them. Even though they opt out of this feature, Google and Facebook keep track of user locations secretly. The suit goes on to mention the following:

Because Facebook misleads users and engages in this deceptive practice, collecting and storing private location data against users’ expressed choice, Plaintiff brings this class action on behalf of himself and similarly situated Facebook users.

According to the suit, such actions are against the federal and state wiretapping laws. These laws are taken very seriously and we will have to wait and see what Google has to say regarding the matter but we do have a statement from Facebook. The social media company claims that this mode of tracking is transparent and that the claims are bogus. The following is the statement from Facebook in this regard:

Our Data Policy and related disclosures explain our practices relating to location data and provide information about the privacy settings we make available. This lawsuit is without merit and we will defend ourselves vigorously.

Even though Facebook claims that this privacy violation lawsuit has no merit, it is still going to happen. We will keep you updated regarding how this case proceeds so stay tuned for more information regarding the matter.

Let us know what you think about Google and Facebook secretly tracking user locations and whether or not you think this is a privacy violation.

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