Sony Producer Confirms That God Of War Release Date Will Be Announced Soon

The final countdown for the most awaited game of 2018 has begun. Rumors say that the God of War release date will be some time in March, probably 22 or 23 of the month. Now Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia Localization Producer Chris Ashimine confirms that you’ll know soon when you’ll be able to play the next chapter of the God of War saga.

During a recent talk with weekly Japanese Famitsu magazine, Ashimine, who is responsible for the Japanese localization of the game for Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia, has given some useful information about the game’s content and quality of location. One of the things he talked about was a possible announcement of God of War release date in the near future. According to his sayings, the team will have the chance to reveal the release date pretty soon.

A few weeks back, the North American PlayStation Store has leaked a March 22nd God of War release date which is within the window Sony has announced. Furthermore, in November, a European retailer had accidentally posted a possible God of War release date for March 23rd for Europe. As you can see the number add up. There could be a March 22nd release for America and for Europe the next day.

The dates stated by both sources are within the time limits Sony gave for the game’s release since, according to their latest announcement, we’ll be able to play it somewhere in the first quarter of 2018. There’s still no official response from Sony so we’ll have to wait until Sony announces it. However, a March release seems ideal and looks possible.

In related news, according to Colin Moriarity, the pre-orders of God of War are not going well. He said that: “A trusted industry source tells me that God of War’s PS4 pre-orders are very soft. Sad to hear. I’m still hopeful (and even confident) that it’ll be great, whenever it comes out.”

Are you excited about the God of War release date? Do you think releasing it in March would be too soon?

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