God of War PS4 Will Be Just As Gory As Previous Games, According To Director

Those fearing the upcoming God of War PS4 might be toned down in regards to all the bloodshed and gore that is the staple of the franchise just to make the game more accessible can stop worrying as there is now confirmation that the game is as gory as ever.

Answering a question on Twitter, game director Cory Barlog confirmed the game will not hold back at all when it comes to gore since the game takes place in a very violent time.

This answer goes along with the recent report of the game getting an 18+ rating from PEGI, the European game rating board. The rating is reserved for titles which feature a fair amount of mature content including violence, sex, blood and gore.

Considering God of War PS4 takes place in the Norse mythology instead of the usual Greek one, there have been questions regarding the presence of Vikings in the game. Cory however has confirmed that the game’s story takes place at a time well before the Vikings.

Fans of the God of War franchise might not have to wait long to get another glimpse at the game with E3 2017 coming up next. Since Cory had already mentioned that the game’s development is going well, it is highly possible a demo might be present at the E3 conference which will be the first major look at the game after the announcement at E3 2016.

Currently, there is no fixed release date for the game yet despite Santa Monica Studio numerous ways of hyping the game. However, there have been numerous reports that the game will be releasing on PS4 later this year.

The 2017 release date for God of War PS4 was not only mentioned by Amazon as part of a poll (which also mentioned Red Dead Redemption) but was also teased by the voice actor of Kratos, Christopher Judge, himself which suggests there is some merit to it.

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