This 15” God Of War Statue Is Now Available For Pre-Order

While we don't have any specific release date, developer Sony Santa Monica has offered 15” tall polystone 1:6 scale God Of War statue for pre-order.

God Of War is one of the most anticipated upcoming titles and while we don’t have any specific release date for the game, developer Sony Santa Monica has offered 15” tall polystone 1:6 scale God Of War statue for pre-order. The pre-order is available through online retailer Sideshowtoy.

The God Of War statue features both Kratos and his son Atreus and it is incredibly detailed. “Designed by the hands of Santa Monica Studio, this signature 15” tall polystone 1:6 scale statue features remarkable detail and represents a new beginning for God of War”. According to the site, the statue will be available between May 2018 and March 2018.

Fans were not pleased when Sony Santa Monica replaced the original Kratos’ voice actor for the upcoming title and the studio has explained why they replaced him. According to the studio, Terrence C. Carson was replaced because of his height.

Doing what we wanted to do with a camera that was never going to cut away, we had a lot of scenes that required two characters to interact physically on the stage. The size difference between Kratos and Terrence is very great.

Sony Santa Monica has also revealed that players will have to make choices which will also require players to steer Kratos in terms of guiding his son as this is necessary to develop each of the characters.

“As you move through the game you make choices about what you, or Kratos, wants for Atreus, about how you’re going to develop each of these characters”.

Furthermore, Cory Barlog, game director for God Of War, has revealed that it will take players 25-30 hours to complete the game.

God Of War is an upcoming action-adventure game in development at Sony Santa Monica and will release exclusively for PlayStation 4.


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