God Of War Cutscenes Taking Too Much Time For Speedrunners

God Of War Speedruns have already started and will take you still long enough to complete but with the number of cutscenes present in the game.

God Of War is finally here, it will take hours and hours for you to finish the game which every gamer wants in a game to pay off the money they have spent on it. But for speedrunners, it’s not the same case as God of War is taking them too long to complete. As you know it’s full of monsters, bosses, mysteries, and cutscenes. But most of the time is taken up by cutscenes.

Speedrunners are those people who intend to complete a game as fast as possible to make a record and stand out from others. One problem for a speedrun in God Of War is the number of cutscenes which consumes the most of the time.

Youtube user uhTrance currently holds the world record for completing the game in just 7 hours and 41 minutes. The uhTrance and other YouTubers have said that these speedruns would be much shorter if the game didn’t have cutscenes or if there was a way to skip them.

Personally, cutscenes are absolutely stunning and gorgeous in the game but when you are speed running it’s something you want to ignore. Cutscenes consist of dialogues and story from the game just like a movie.

Another Youtuber user named BnH247 completed the game in eight hours and 11 minutes making his spot among the top speedrunners for God Of War but afterwards he told that he will never try to do it again because of the number of cutscenes in the game and considers it a waste of time because it won’t be much different from his previous one.

So it’s clear if you are a speedrunner you will find this annoying because of the story cutscenes throughout the game.

God Of War has been a huge success in every aspect including graphics, story, and the sales. God Of War debuted at the top of Uk charts and is the fastest selling game in the series since God Of War 3.

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