God Of War Ragnarok Runic Summons Guide

Instead of just Atreus like in the previous game, God of War Ragnarok allows other companions of Kratos to also use various Runic Summons and abilities. While Atreus’ still retains his ability to perform runic summons through his bow, he isn’t the only one with this power now.

In this guide, we will go over all the runic summons available in Ragnarok, the benefits of each one and how to use them effectively in combat.

God of War Ragnarok Runic Summons

Runic summons are acquired as either drops from specific legendary chests around the nine realms of GoW Ragnarok or through different boss fights.

Below we have given the details of each runic summon and how to unlock it

Bitter Squirrel

Location: Legendary Chest during Unlocking the Mask mission in the Frozen Caverns of Niflheim.

Just like the previous game, Bitter Squirrel summons a spectral squirrel that can dig up a Healthstone to be used in combat.

Wrath of the Wolves

Location: During Unleashing Hel, Wrath of the Wolf is unlocked in a Legendary Chest at the end of a wooden walkway in Helheim

Atreus summons three mystical wolves through his arrow attacks that charge and pounce an enemy.

Falcons’ Dive

Location: Falcon’s Dive is looted from an ogre’s body during Into The Fire mission.

A swarm of Falcons circles the area, constantly pestering enemies and eventually diving into the ground to deal area damage. Depending on which elemental arrow was used to activate the summon, Falcons do that same elemental damage.

Rampaging Ibex

Location: Legendary Chest found in The Lost Sanctuary.

Similar to the Boar summon from God of War, Rampaging Ibex summons a mystical Ibex that charges toward enemies.

Freya’s Runic Summons

In God Of War Ragnarok, Freya equips the following runic summons:

Steel Harmony

Freya brings out her swords and uses them to cast ranged attacks towards enemies in the form of spectral blades.

Seidr Exhale

Freya summons a poison gas cloud that seeks out her adversaries and disrupts the battle by using her affinity for Seidr magic.

Invoke the Storm

Freya builds up a large area spell that eventually discharges multiple small electric explosions.

The Queen’s Roar

Being once the queen of the Valkyries, Freya brings out her wings, soars upward, roars and then slams on the ground damaging nearby enemies.

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