God Of War: Ragnarok Nine Realms In Bloom Flower Locations

One of the side quests or Favor in God of War Ragnarok has players tracking down a bunch of flowers...

One of the side quests or Favor in God of War Ragnarok has players tracking down a bunch of flowers in bloom, each representing the nine different realms of the world. This Nine Realms in Bloom favor in God of War Ragnarok has players traveling a lot to discover all the flower locations.

If you are unable to find all nine flowers for the Nine Realms in Bloom favor in GoW Ragnarok, allow us to present you with their locations for easy completion.

Where to find the Nine Realms Flower in each realm?

Finding and collecting all these flowers in Ragnarok not only completes the side quest for 100% completion but also unlocks The Florist trophy once you find all Flowers.

Sparkthorn (Svartalfheim)

God of War Ragnarok flower locations

Before starting your search for the Sparkthorn, you need to complete the “Forging Destiny” Quest first.

Sparkthorn is found near Sindri’s shop in Nidavellir in the city of Nidavellir. At the shop, towards the left, you will see an aqueduct leading into a cavern. Go through the cavern to the other side then head north until you enter a village. On your right, across the blocked bridge will be a chest.

You should see steam coming out from a column nearby. Throw your spear at that steam column to act as a ledge for you to swing to the other side. Once across, you will find Sparkthorn glowing nearby.

Mirkweed (Midgard)

God of War Ragnarok flower locations

To find Mirkweed, you need to complete the “The Path” quest by talking to Ratatokr and then travel to the Sanctuary Grove (Freya’s Old House for God of War 2018).

The Mirkweed can be found at Freya’s old House, near (east side) the turtle statue.

Ironbell (Jotunheim)

Just like the Mirkweed, to collect the Ironbell you need to complete “The Path” quest through the aforementioned procedure. Moreover, you need fast travel option for Jotunhiem too.  

Once you have completed the required quest and traveled to Jotunhiem the rest of the process is straightforward. Ironbell can be found in Angrboda’s Treahouse. As soon as you enter the area from the mystic gate, turn left and follow the cavern into a clearing where you will see Ironbell below a log.

Soulblossom (Helheim)

God of War Ragnarok flower locations

Luckily, to get Soulbloom, you don’t need to do any additional quests. You only need to travel to Helheim to begin your search.

After you have reached Helheim, you must head to Hel’s Perch which is located close to the Shipyard of the Fallen. To enter Hel’s Perch, you must defeat Garm. After that, head northwest.

There you can find Soulblossom after leaping over the bridge and swinging across the spear by throwing your spear at the pillar of the bridge.

Dawnbloom (Alfheim)

Before starting your search for the Dawnbloom, complete the “Song of the Sands” Favor. You can find the flower easily in the early game.

After the completion of the required quest head to the western region of the Forbidden sands. Look for a wooden fence, behind it you will see a grappling spot. Swing across and you will find Dawnbloom to the left.

Dreamshade (Niflheim)

Complete “The Path” quests as mentioned earlier to find Dreamshade. Then make your way to Asguard.

There you can find Dreamshade flowers in the Aesir Prison Wreckage area of Niflheim. First, you’ve got to get into the prison to get this flower. The flower is on the bottom floor of the prison inside a cell.

You will have to face a bunch of enemies to reach it. They are fairly easy at normal difficulty but the player at “Give Me God of War” difficulty might find it difficult.

Frostfinger (Niflheim)

God of War Ragnarok flower locations

This flower also requires the completion of “The Path” quest as the Mist field region is inaccessible before completing this quest.  

After you have completed the required quest, head to the Mist Fields. Travel to its South-East region. There you will find a bunch of skills with swords lying on the ground. Frostfinger is located in their vicinity.

Ashpetal (Muspelheim)

God of War Ragnarok flower locations

To find Ashpetal, you need to first find both halves of the Muspelheim Seed located in Svartalfheim. These seeds can be found by completing “The Reckoning” quest.

After that head to the Muspelheim’s Crucible area to collect Ashpetal. You’ll find it near Brok’s shop after dropping down. Head straight right after you talk to Freya.

Starblush (Vanaheim)

God of War Ragnarok flower locations

The first thing you need to do in order to find this flower is to complete the “Return of the River” Favor. Completing this quest will allow you to access the Sinkholes in the Jungle area of Vanaheim.

The Flower is located in the South-East Region of the Sinkholes. To reach there, you must open the Mystic Gateway. For that, you need to lower a chain by fighting a dragon that sits on the other side of a tunnel. This tunnel is located above the Mystic Gateway.

Once you are across the Gateway, follow the water to reach the Starblush flower location.

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