God Of War Ragnarok Easter Eggs: Kvasir’s Poems, PlayStation All-Stars

Easter Eggs in God of War Ragnarok references some of the popular media and games developed by Sony. One of the most prominent Easter Eggs in GoW Ragnarok are artifacts known as the Kvasir’s Poems. We have prepared this guide to give complete details about the location of all Easter Eggs in God Of War: Ragnarok.

Kvasir’s Poems are the first easter eggs we will cover along with the references. You will find 14 Kvasir’s Poem easter eggs in God of War Ragnarok, which are given below.

Kvasir’s Poems in Svartalfheim

Kvasir’s Poem #1: The Sunrise of Nothingness Location

Reference: Horizon: Zero Dawn

God of War Ragnarok Kvasir's Poem Easter Egg

You will find this poem in the Aurvangar Wetlands of the Svartalfheim. Once you get there, climb the wooden structure with a big wheel. There you will find it on a table right next to the chest.

Kvasir’s Poem #2: Large Society Ground Orb, The Performance Location

Reference: MLB the Show

God of War Ragnarok Kvasir's Poem Easter Egg

Again in the Svartalfheim, head to the Nidavellir shop location and go to its boat dock. You will find it on top of some crates there.

Kvasir’s Poem #3: We Who Remain, Part The Second Location

Reference: The Last of Us Part II

God of War Ragnarok Kvasir's Poem Easter Egg

To find it head to the Lyngbakr boat dock and climb the mountain. Then, turn left and continue to run forward. There you will see a chain hanging from the hill.

Climb it and then continue to climb up and move forward. You will find Kvasir’s Poem on the last platform next to a corpse.

Kvasir’s Poem #4: Tool and Bang Location

Reference: Ratchet and Clank

God of War Ragnarok Kvasir's Poem Easter Egg

You will find this poem at the end of the Jarnsmida Pitmines in favor of the Eyes of Odin. You will find it on the ground in front of some wooden logs.

Kvasir’s Poem #5: Sanginuity Location  

Reference: Bloodborne

God of War Ragnarok Kvasir's Poem Easter Egg

Start from the Applecore Descent and move forward through the left side path. It will take you to an end from where you can use the spear to climb up.

Right after climbing, you will see a blocked path on the left side. Destroy it, and you will find Kvasir’s Poem right behind it.

Kvasir’s Poems in Alfheim

Kvasir’s Poem #6: Afterlife Abandonment Location    

Reference: Death Stranding

God of War Ragnarok Kvasir's Poem Easter Egg

You will find it in the Strond. Start from the giant statue and turn left. Climb up a couple of times, and you will spot a narrow passage on the right. Go through it and continue to head straight and climb up again.

Drop down from the other side and move forward. You will see a tunnel entry right next to a dried-up tree. Pass the tunnel and drop down further to find a small area with a chest and Kvasir’s Poem on the right side.

Kvasir’s Poem #7: Visions After Rest Location  

Reference: Dreams

You will find this Kvasir’s Poem while traveling through the Temple of Light. What you have to do here is head to the right side and go all the way to its edge.

After that, you have to climb up some stairs, and you will enter a balcony with the poem on the surface. It is close to the place where you destroy the light crystal.

Kvasir’s Poem #8: Spirits Within Walls Location

Reference: Concrete Genie

From the last location, head northeast, and you will see some big stairs going up. Climb them and open the big door. Inside you will find another stair heading up.

Turn right, and you will find Kvasir’s Poem on a table in the room on the right side.

Kvasir’s Poem #9: Celestial Construct Location 

Reference: Astro Bot

In The Barrens, enter through the mouth of the dragon and move toward its tail. You will find it on the ground on the right side of the golden chest.

Kvasir’s Poem #10: Upon Pursuing a Place Not Marked on a Map Location      

Reference: Uncharted

In Southern Wilds, go to the location shown on the map and head to the path on the north side. It will take you to a small passage going through the roots of a tree.

Continue to follow the northeast path, and you will get to a ruin. Here you will see a square structure on the ground with wooden logs.

The poem is under it, and to break it climb the small structure next to it and smash into that from there.

Kvasir’s Poem #11: Trip Location   

Reference: Journey

Head to the above location in Forbidden Sands, and you will see a throne-type structure. Climb up and get inside to find Kvasir’s poem.

Kvasir’s Poems in Vanaheim

Kvasir’s Poem #12: Eastern Specter Location    

Reference: Ghost of Tsushima

Enter through the Sinkholes entrance, and you will spot some red flowers on the right. Destroy them to enter the path behind. Turn right from there and head upstairs to find a corpse with this Kvasir’s Poem next to its feet.

Kvasir’s Poem #13: An Organization: In the Future Location

Reference: The Order: 1886

Start from the Plains location on the map and head south to enter the cave-type area. Move forward on the left, and you will find the poem on the ground at the end, close to a soldier’s corpse.

Kvasir’s Poem in Midgard

Kvasir’s Poem #14: The Dead Do Not Ride Location 

Reference: Days Gone

For this one, you have to start from the Shores of the Nine and head north to enter The Oarsmen. Then, head downstairs and climb to the small platform in front.

Use the right side wall to climb up a couple of levels, and you will find Kvasir’s Poem.

Other Easter Eggs

Mimir references PlayStation All-Stars

It is a talk the Mimir had with Kratos while traveling in the river. He mentioned the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Kratos was a part of.

Muscian Raeb

You will talk with the Musician Reab in your GoW Ragnarok journey. Raeb is played by the original game composer, Bear McCreary, of God of War: Ragnarok.

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