God Of War Ragnarok Difficulty Settings Explained

God of War Ragnarok is now available for all players with five different difficulty settings. So now, whether you are players who like complex challenges or one who loves to explore the story, you can enjoy this game.

We have prepared this guide to make it easier for you to choose between different difficulty settings in GoW Ragnarok.

Which difficulty should you choose in God of War Ragnarok

These are the five Difficulty Settings players can select from in GoW Ragnarok. The options are pretty much the same as God of War 2018 but if you are still confused about which setting to choose, allow us to break them down for you

Give Me Story

It is the lowest level for players who want to explore the story of GoW Ragnarok. In this, you can take out enemies and bosses quite quickly and get to the end of the story.

Give Me Grace

If you want to explore the story and want the gameplay to be a bit more exciting, then you can play with this difficulty. It is a little tougher than Give Me Story, but not that difficult. It is too easy for you if you are a pro player.

Give Me Balance

It is the default difficulty of the game, and best to judge whether you want to increase the difficulty. It works like a medium difficulty level.

Give Me No Mercy

You can choose to Give Me No Mercy if the Give Me Balance difficulty is easy to play for you. However, it is a high-difficulty setting where enemies and challenges get more demanding.

Give Me God of War

If you want to absolutely get the shit kicked out of you in God of War Ragnarok, you can choose the Give Me God of War difficulty. It is the highest level of difficulty in the game; you need solid control to handle it.

Enemies and bosses can take you out in no time if you are not a pro player.

How to change difficulty settings

To change difficulty settings in Ragnarok, head to the menu and select Settings. Now choose the Gameplay option, and you will find the Difficulty tab.

Select the difficulty you want, and the game will restart. You can start again from the recent checkpoint.

However, note that if you have selected the Give Me God of War difficulty setting and moved to lower settings, you can’t choose it again. If you want to play the whole game with this difficulty, you must stay with it from the start. But you can shift between the other four difficulty settings whenever you want.

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