How To Defeat Berserker Beigadr In God Of War Ragnarok

Beigadr, the feared is an optional mage boss in God of War Ragnarok that you can fight after interacting with...

Beigadr, the feared is an optional mage boss in God of War Ragnarok that you can fight after interacting with the berserker gravestone in Alberich Island. This boss is somewhat tricky to beat, so we have prepared this guide to tell you complete details like how to find and defeat Berserker Beigadr in God of War: Ragnarok.

Where to find Beigadr, the Feared

After completing three-quarters of the Word of Fate quest, you will find this Berserker Gravestone in the middle of Alberich Island.

How to defeat Berserker Beigadr in God of War Ragnarok

To defeat Berserker Beigadr, the first thing that you will need to know about is this boss attacks. Beigadr doesn’t use any weapon, so all his attacks are magic based.

His primary attack is Lightning Bolts that he throws from a distance. Besides that, you will also use Thunder Strikes on the battlefield.

In the thunder strike, he will jump into the air and slam on the ground to deal AoE damage in a small radius. Moreover, he has Flashing Orbs attacks as well.

In this attack, Beigadr will throw some flashing orbs at you. These orbs can do significant damage after hitting. All his attacks can do considerable damage, so you must know how to dodge them.

As soon as the battle starts, you must be in attacking mode. Don’t allow him to get away instantly, as he will only use the Lightning Bolts and other ranged attacks after getting away from you.

You must ensure you have the upper hand on him throughout the battle. Then, when he gets away, you need to be attentive to rolling away from the lightning bolt attacks.

Always make the counterattack as soon as the boss is done with his ranged attack. You can also use some ranged attacks to deal damage and stop him from using his attacks frequently.

You will see a small green circle on the battlefield when he uses his Thunder Strike attack. All you have to do is stay close to it so you can get the opportunity to land some good hits right after the boss smash.

Beigadr doesn’t jump away instantly after making an attack, so you have to use that time wisely. Keep the things we have mentioned above in mind, and you will be able to defeat Berserker Bergadr the Feared quite quickly.

You will get the following rewards for defeating Beigadr the Feared in GoW Ragnarok:

  • Asgard’s Might
  • Tempered Remnants x2
  • Bonded Leather x25
  • Shattered Runes x25
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