God Of War PS4 is Inspired by The Last of Us, Might Include Playable Scenes From Previous Games

God Of War PS4 writer and director, Cory Barlog, revealed that the team was inspired by the Last Of Us in terms of story telling.

Fans of God Of War franchise are excited since the reveal of God Of War PS4 during Sony’s E3 press conference.

Aside from the gameplay shown during the reveal, Santa Monica Studio revealed some bits about other aspects of the game. Now the developers has revealed their inspiration for God Of War on PS4.

God Of War PS4 is exactly what this franchise needed, as the game seems to depart from almost every thing from previous God Of War games, in term of setting and gameplay, and in a good way of course.

Speaking with EPNdotTV, God Of War PS4 writer and director, Cory Barlog, revealed the inspiration for the God Of War PS4 is the Last Of Us and Resident Evil 4. According to Barlog The Last Of Us helped the team to tell a story, which they would not have been able to tell otherwise.

Yeah, Last of Us did pave the way for that. And I feel like I am happy for that. it feels like we are entering an era when gamers are longing for this. These are exciting stories as creators to tell.

Barlog admitted that the biggest influence was Resident Evil 4, the transition of the franchise from Resident Evil 3 to Resident Evil 4 in terms of story telling.

The Last of Us is an amazing game, Naughty Dog is an unbelievably talented team, and to be compared to them is awesome,” he said. “But for me the influence is a lot more like the transition from Resident Evil 3 to Resident Evil 4. And the expansion and the audience being ready for more mature stories, and not mature as in ‘mature,’ but really as in dramatically challenging people, to dig a little deeper, not handing all the answers to them.

Moreover, Barlog also teased the possibility for scenes from older God Of War games being playable in God Of War PS4.

Maybe [players could end up playing scenes from previous games in the new engine in God of War], I don’t know.

No release date has been announced for God Of War, but the game will release exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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