God of War Northri Stronghold Collectibles Locations Guide

God of War Northri Stronghold Collectibles Locations Guide to help you find all types of collectibles that you can possibly locate in Northri Stronghold.

This God of War Northri Stronghold Collectibles Locations Guide is for discovering all hidden collectibles found in Northri Stronghold. This will help also play a part in unlocking that Platinum Trophy for you, so tread carefully; you do not want to miss out on anything.

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God of War Northri Stronghold Collectibles Locations

Before we start with our God of War 4 Northri Stronghold Collectibles Locations Guide, the collectibles you will find in the area include:

  • x1 Shop
  • x1 Favors
  • x2 Lore Markers
  • x2 Odin’s Ravens
  • x1 Mystic Gateway

Firstly, to be able to acquire access to the region, complete the ‘Family Business’ sub-quest.

Completing the second quest of Sindri will get you the favour, it can be triggered from any shop after completing first quest Fafnir’s Hoard.

Thereafter, you can proceed to Northri Stronghold, in the path where you will come across a Mystic Gateway. When you first land near Sindri’s Shop, you can see a raven in the distance at the entrance you entered from. The second Mystic Gate can also be found right next to this shop.

Use your boat to travel to the left of Sindri’s Shop to find a destroyed boat. Across this boat, on a metal grid, will be an Odin’s Raven.

When you are done with the quest “family business’, go to the path on the left of Sindri’s shop by taking the boat. You will see destroyed old boat where there was a traveler enemy you fought before. The second raven will be on a bog metal grid opposite to the old boat.

Now head inside to find some dirt and rubble lying near a dead body. Destroy the stones and rubble to reveal the Lore Marker here.

The next Lore Marker can be found as you progress to land on the next dock. As you can guess from the thin blue shine of the Lore Marker, you need something to climb onto to reach the platform.

Luckily, you will see some wooden pieces of board lying around. Use them to ascend and reach the Lone Marker.

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