What Could New God of War Logo Mean?

The new God of War game came with a new God of War logo, but what all do the mysterious runes on the circle's outside mean for the game at large?

With the new God of War game being shown off at the Playstation conference at E3 2016, came a new God of War logo. However, instead of the Greek “Omega” symbol that has served the series since the first one, we now get a Viking-styled logo with a bunch of Norse runes inside it too.

But what does the new God of War logo mean? The “Omega” letter that has been in every God of War game ever since the first one is gone. Instead we get the aforementioned red-painted circle with runes inside it.

Because of a lack of any real information about the game aside from a demo at E3 and a leak about its setting, no one really knows what is happening in the new game.

This has naturally resulted in a ton of different speculation for various reasons. Some people are actually starting to claim that the runes inside the circle are actually related to the game’s release date.

However, other people that are actually familiar with Norse runes have other thoughts about what the runes mean.

In this case, the runes on the new God of War logo aren’t about a release date (which kind of goes without saying considering that it’s likely the logo for the next few games), but may actually be referring to the various gods of the Norse pantheon.

The various runes refer to various gods like Odin, Freyja, Ing, Baldur, Hel, Ullr (which could be Kratos’s son seen in the trailer), and, at the bottom center, a rune referring to Man.

Considering what Kratos did to the Greek world, it’s likely that he’ll be running across many important gods and creatures from Norse mythology.

However, there are still a few runes that haven’t been translated, in the top left and bottom right. Whatever they could mean will still need people to translate.

God of War 4 has no real released ate yet, but if it actually looks like what we saw at E3 2016 with good graphics and some much-needed character development for Kratos, it could be the best-received God of War game yet.

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