God Of War Director Reveals He Learned A Lot From Hideo Kojima Games

Hideo Kojima is one of masterminds when it comes to video games and even biggest names in industry can confirm it. Cory Barlog, director of God of War.

Hideo Kojima is one of the masterminds when it comes to video games and even the biggest names in the industry can confirm it. Cory Barlog, the director of God of War has revealed that he “learned a lot from his games”.

A few days ago, a French Death Stranding fan page on Twitter has congratulated and asked Cory Barlog how has Hideo Kojima and the MGS series have influenced the cinematics of God of War. His answer was just what we expected from a true veteran of the industry. He stated:

I learned so much from Kojima’s games. I remember losing so much sleep binging on MGS2. I was so tired at one point that when the codex conversations started breaking the 4th wall, I literally thought they were talking directly to me. Freaked me out. Master fucking class.

It’s only natural to be thinking of Hideo Kojima when it comes to great cinematics as the Metal Gear Solid franchise is possibly the one with the most cinematic hours in an action game. We expect – and we are almost sure – that Death Stranding will be the same.

What God of War has, on the other hand, is the smooth transition between gameplay and cinematics that we are not used to seeing in Hideo Kojima games. That’s where a defining line between Cory Barlog’s game and Hideo Kojima’s lie. For what it’s worth though, God of War is now one of the most acclaimed video games of this first part of 2018. As we see, Hideo Kojima has played a role in this too.

Interestingly, Sony has helped Hideo Kojima too in a sense, since the father of the Metal Gear Solid franchise has previously stated that his vision of Death Stranding wouldn’t be possible if his partnership with Sony hadn’t been made. Furthermore, the game will be made in the same engine as Horizon Zero Dawn, meaning that this is too an act of Sony.

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