God Of War’s The Best PlayStation Launch On Steam So Far

The once PlayStation-exclusive God of War has been enjoying a remarkable debut on Steam, which only ascertains further how publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment took a wise decision to bring its PlayStation exclusives to a hungry (and awaiting audience) on PC.

God of War has achieved an all-time peak concurrent player-count of more than 73,000 players on Steam in the last 24 hours. That is more than what Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone have achieved during their lifetimes on Steam.

The concurrent player-count hence makes God of War the best PlayStation release on Steam so far. The game is also leading the top-seller list of Steam, which suggests in general that sales were significantly better compared to the previous PlayStation releases on Steam.

God of War was originally released on PlayStation 4 as an exclusive back in 2018. The installment saw Kratos path a new journey through Norse mythology which saw more than 20 million copies sold as of last August. It will be interesting to see how those sales figure tally following the Steam release.

Take note that God of War is not exclusive to Steam on PC. The game is also available on the Epic Games Store. Hence, the overall player-base is more than the figures obtained through third-party Steam trackers.

The in-development sequel, God of War: Ragnarok, will feature both new and returning characters when it releases during its 2022 slated window. There have been concerns that another delay might be in the pages. However, as of earlier today, Sony has highlighted nearly two dozen games coming to PlayStation 5 this year and which includes Ragnarok along with others such as Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7.

That being said, expecting Ragnarok to release on PC so soon would be foolish. Sony will probably wait a couple of years at least before bringing the sequel on Steam as well.

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