Goat Simulator Has Generated Over 10 Million Euros in 2015

Goat Simulator has been very successful for Coffee Stain Studios but how long can it last? Is it time to move on from the goats and to other games?

While it may have been a joke game, it appears that Goat Simulator has become a big success for its developers. Originally releasing on the PC, the fact that it made its way onto other platforms appears to be the key to its success.

On Swedish site Skara Allehanda in an interview with Stefan Hanna the co-owner of Coffee Stain Studios it’s been revealed that Goat Simulator has pulled in more than 10 million Euros, with 12 million likely by the end of the year. Somewhat of a cult hit this has been a surprise to everybody.

On if the company expected the game to be a success, Hanna revealed:

“No absolutely not. We developed it in a very short time. Goat simulator took two to three months to complete. The other games have taken years and was not as great success for us.”

On what they will do next, he also revealed there is more coming for Goat Simulator:

“We still do things with our goats, there are new game modes and expansions in various platforms. We will continue also next year.”

He also revealed that they are working on something different than just goat games:

“But internally, we have started working on developing new games, all employees may attend and pitch up what they want to work on, then we’ll get on with it.”

If you’ve played Goat Simulator you’ll already know that it is fun, but it has little longevity to it. With the release of more modes, it is often interesting to dip back in to see what is new and it is impressive that the game does continue to evolve. It is coming time though for the company to leave the goat behind and move onto other games.

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