Ghost Recon Wildlands Loadouts Guide

Ghost Recon Wildlands Loadouts Guide to provide you with different loadout options that you can use to approach a situation in different ways.

One of the coolest things about Ghost Recon Wildlands is the freedom that it gives to the players. The game doesn’t restrict you to one playstyle and encourages experimenting.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Loadouts

In our GRW Loadouts Guide, we’ve detailed a few loadout options to help you play to your strengths. However, one important thing to note here is that none of the loadout options mentioned below are final.

As mentioned earlier, I highly recommend experimenting with different things and see what works best for you.

Big Boss

Those of you who don’t like to draw unnecessary attention, this is the perfect loadout for you. This entire loadout basically focuses on staying off the radar and completing the objective.

The equipment used for this playstyle is designed with only one thing in mind i.e. getting in and out without being seen. To achieve this, silenced weaponry is a must. Here’s what we recommend using for this loadout:

Primary Weapon – A Silenced Sniper Rifle

Secondary Weapon – A Silenced Assault Rifle

Pistol – A Silenced Pistol

Diversion Lure, Flare Gun, and Flash Grenade

This Wildlands Loadout is all about singling out enemies and completing the mission without making a fuss.

John Wick

If you’re the one to go in and out loud, this loadout option should definitely suit your playstyle. This playstyle basically ensures that there are no witnesses and the job at hand is done.

This option, however, requires you to go into the heat of the battle and your trusted equipment should be more than sufficient. Here’s what we recommend using for this loadout:

Primary Weapon – Any Assault Rifle

Secondary Weapon – Any Shotgun

Pistol – A High-Damage Pistol or a Small SMG

Flash Grenade, Grenade, C4

As you can see, this Ghost Recon Wildlands loadout focuses on going “Bang! Bang!” and sending a message.

The Terminator

As the name suggests, this loadout basically focuses on using heavy weaponry and telling your enemies who’s the boss. You can also throw in one silenced weapon into the mix to help you with interrogation and sneaking up behind a target.

As for equipment, grenades are a must. Apart from grenades, you can go with lures, mines, and flare guns. Here’s what we recommend using for this Wildlands loadout:

Primary Weapon – Any Lightmachine Gun

Secondary Weapon – Any Assault Rifle or Shotgun

Pistol – Any Silenced Pistol

Grenades, C4s, Flare Gun, or Flash Grenades

Best Weapons

HTI Sniper Rifle
The rifle is a high damage weapon with high accuracy that you’ll be using to take down Santa Blanca drug lords. Head to the Montuyoc Training Base in the east of the Montuyoc province in order to obtain the weapon.

P90 Submachine Gun
The SMG has a short range with a high rate-of-fire that you can use to take down enemies which are coming in bulk. Head to the La Cruz province and locating the La Cruz Base found on the eastern side of the area to obtain the weapon.

D-50 Pistol
The pistol gives some good amount of damage even to the armored UNILAD soldiers and takes them down with just a couple of bullets. Head to the Libertad province, within the F.O.B. Oso Hormiguero, located in the northwest area.

SPAS-12 Shotgun
The shotgun has a high damage profile and you won’t find any other shotgun that can beat this one. Head to the Ghost Recon Wildlands by crossing the border into the La Cruz province and then visit the F.O.B. Vibora compound to obtain the weapon.

MK249 Light Machine Gun
This squad weapon is perfect for any fire suppressing strategy and provides you good cover. Head to Malca and find an outpost to the north of Icoya to obtain the weapon.

ACR Assault Rifle
The rifle gives you everything, pinpoint accuracy, impressive rate-of-fire, and damage to boot to take down the drug lords. Head to the Media Luna province and fight your way into the La Loma base to obtain the weapon.

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