Ghost Recon Breakpoint Erewhon Hub Guide

This guide will give you a tour of the Erewhon hub in Ghost Recon Breakpoint where you can pick up quests, talk to NPCs and hang out with players

Ghost Recon Breakpoint has many changes to core gameplay to make it stand out from Wildlands with the main addition being Erewhon, which acts as a social hub in the game. This Base of Operations allows you to talk to NPCs, fast travel and also has Bivouacs.

The hub provides you with some facilities that are listed for you down below.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Erewhon Hub

First things first, if you are in the PvP mode, then the game has set some different things for you. You need to find Rowan Brown, who has some kind of saltiness with the wolves and will be helping you out.

If you are in the PvP mode then he will be giving you some missions. There are going to be two different types of games that you will have access to play in.

The types include the Elimination mode, which has four players versus four. You are given three rounds to play in and defeat the whole team and then the one who wins more rounds, wins.

The second mode is Sabotage mode. This made is also four-player versus four but here you have to either plant or defuse a bomb in a certain time limit you are given.

For the PvE side of things, you can find NPCs in Erewhon who are going to give you side missions and quests. Completing these quests and missions gives you various rewards.

You should also know about the Erewhon shop that is owned by Maria Schulz. This shop can supply you with different items, like weapons, explosives, and even Skill Credits.

Erewhon has a Bivouac as well which allows you to craft items. Once you enter Erewhon, the Bivouac is in the middle of the camp, next to the shop.

You should also know about the exit of the Erewhon. Yes, the exit is hidden so you should know where you will find it.

From the center point of Erewhon, look towards the shop and you’ll see a lot of steps prompting some sort of war-room arranging table. This generally has a lot of players bunched around it. Stroll past this table and up the slant, and you’ll arrive at the exit. This is going to take you out to the open world of Auroa.