Ghost of Tsushima Will Let You Play Your Missions As You Like, Choose Between Action Or Stealth

Very recently the authors of Ghost of Tsushima, have assured fans that, in the game, the missions will be yours to perform. Choose wisely.

As soon as we laid eyes on the amazing  Ghost of Tsushima E3 2018 trailer, we were speechless, most of us stunned, to see the amazing visuals of the game. The details of the game were so epic that a lot of fans fell in love with the game instantly. One thing that we could deduce from the trailer was that the developers are in no mode to disappoint the fans and perhaps they haven’t. As very recently the authors of this amazing series have assured fans that, in the game, the missions will be yours to perform.

Meaning that the players will be able to choose the way they would want to attempt the mission. They can opt for a stealthy mission if they are a bit of the silent and strategic type, or they may go out with a bang. It will be solely their choice how they take up the mission.

The authors of the game assured the fans that it “depends on the player” how to take up the various missions in the game. The head of the study, Chris Zimmerman said that:

“It’s an open world game in which you choose the path,”

Who also added that the game has worked quite well with the users who prefer to use various styles to complete a mission.

Shedding out more light on the matter Zimmerman said,

“There are fans who have a pure samurai style: they come in and say ‘come for me.’ And there are people who play as if they were ghosts, who do not want anyone to see them.” In both cases, Ghost of Tsushima works well, and is something that the development team itself will show throughout the adventure, with events that will “push you towards one style or another”.

Along with that there also has been a common misconception about the game, to feature hack n slash battle mechanics. Which has been deemed as wrong, by the Sucker Punch Co-Studio Head. According to him, this game is a huge brawler with quite a lot of focus set on various skills.

That said, what are your thoughts about this upcoming game? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: ps4pro