Ghost of Tsushima The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance Walkthrough

Mythic Tales speak of legendary warriors of the past and show you techniques, equipment, and abilities of these noble samurais. For this Ghost of Tsushima The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance guide, we’ll be showing you how you can master the Dance of Wrath mythic combat art known only to the ancient Yarikawa Samurais.

Ghost of Tsushima The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance

Starting Point
Found between Rebel’s Last Stand (West) and Ruins of Old Yarikawa (South-East). The traveling musician, Yamato, will be surrounded by corpses, and he will tell you that everyone was killed by the Spirit of Yarikawa.

Yarikawa’s a spirit yearning for vengeance for the blood of its people. Tokiasa Yarikawa was executed by the Shimura and Sakai clans.

People now leave offerings in shrines spread around, requesting for bloody retribution against people who have done them wrong.

You’ll now be required to find four of Yarikawa’s shrines for The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance Mythic Tale. Yamato will tell you that they can be located by white smoke coming out of them.

Yarikawa Shrine #1
Search in the highlighted area, and you can find it in the South-Western corner of the circle. Talk to one of the people there to meet Heitaro.


Yarikawa Shrine #2
The second shrine can be found in the North-West corner of the circle by the river. It asks for the death of Mongol camp. As you head to the camp, you’ll find out that the spirit got there before you. Talk to the imprisoned peasant who will tell you regarding the tragedy.

Yarikawa Shrine #3
Head to the center of the circle, and you’ll find out that the message has already been taken. As you hear combat in the distance, start heading west into the direction of the marker.

You’ll find a house eventually, get inside using the gap under the wall. Examine all the five clues present here, and you’ll find out that there’s not a spirit, but only a mad descendant of the Yarikawa.

Yarikawa Shrine #4
As you leave the spirit’s home, head North to the fourth shrine where you’ll discover that someone has placed a hit on Jin Sakai in the Garden of the Gods.

Garden of the Gods
The Garden can be found South from the center of the circle. Here, you can find another shrine. Read the scroll present in the shrine when you’re ready to start the duel.

Duel to the Death
Once you’ve read the scroll, you’ll be pitted against the Spirit of Yarikawa. She isn’t that strong and has a pretty readable move-set. Use Stone Stance and heavy attacks to break through her defense.

After you’ve brought her down to a minuscule amount of health, you’ll be able to perform the Dance of Wrath to finish her off and unlock the Dance of Wrath mythic combat art.

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