Ghost of Tsushima The Coward of Yarikawa Walkthrough

This walkthrough will help you finish The Coward of Yarikawa quest in Ghost of Tsushima as you prepare your archers for a surprise attack on Mongols

This walkthrough covers Ghost of Tsushima The Coward of Yarikawa, an Act 2 main quest. It revolves around you tracking down the allied archers and performing a surprise attack on a Mongol convoy. We will go over each objective in detail.

Ghost of Tsushima The Coward of Yarikawa

Meet Yuna in Old Yarikawa
Taka will inform you that the best archers left to fight the Mongols days ago and still haven’t returned. You must find out what happened to them.

So head to Old Yarikawa and you will find Yuna standing with Taka. Speak with her and Taka will insist that he join you in the search for the missing soldiers.

Find the Archer Tracks
Scope the location for the dead Mongols and take a look at the corpses. Upon closer examination, you will spot footprints next to the bodies. Follow the tracks and they will lead you to a cabin up ahead on the path.

Save Taka from The Bear

A bear will come out of the cabin and will start attacking you and Taka. The beast can deal a lot of damage so you must absolutely dodge the red attacks.

Getting hit will knock you down so the best strategy is to land in hits in between dodges.

Search the Cabin and Camp Area
Enter the cabin and examine the mats, the bows and arrows left inside for clues about the Archers’ locations. Once that’s done, you should head back outside and speak with Yuna.

After entering the camp, you must examine the wagon that is filled with barrels.

You will find more tracks near the area so start following them until you spot the Archers in the distance. Head on over and speak with them.

Launch a Surprise Attack
After the cutscene and recon sequence, you will watch the caravan with the prisoners and spot other captured archers there.

After speaking with Yuna, Jin and the rest will set up on rooftops. There are a bunch of arrows on the roof so get your bow ready and start the attack.

Shoot the cart filled with explosive barrels when the Mongolian convoy stops by it. The explosion will trigger the battle and you can either stay on the roof with your bow or jump down for close combat.

If you choose to use the bow and arrow then be sure to watch when enemies are near explosive barrels before setting them ablaze.

You will have to deal with some enemy archers on the left. Dodge their attacks and shoot.

Once all the enemies are dealt with, you can speak to Daikoku to end The Coward of Yarikawa quest. This will reward you with a  Legend increase bonus and will unlock the Ghost of Yarikawa main quest.