Ghost of Tsushima The Broken Blacksmith Walkthrough

After not finding Taka in The Warrior’s Code, you must continue the search with the aid of Yuna’s friend. This guide will provide you with the complete Ghost of Tsushima The Broken Blacksmith Walkthrough to help you with that search and find Taka.

Ghost of Tsushima The Broken Blacksmith

Head on over to Yuna’s friend’s house southeast of the Kishi Grasslands to meet her. You will be traveling with Kenji and Yuna as they take their cart through Mongol territory. You have to travel with both of them to Azamo Bay as there are reports that Taka was taken prisoner there.

To stay hidden you can hide inside the Kenji’s cart in case any Mongols appear.

The Village
You have to follow Yuna into the village but as it is infested with Mongol enemies so you have to remain out of sight and reach a vantage point. Use the roofs to traverse the village up until you start following the slaver and he moves through the market.

Following on roof tops may prove difficult; Be wary the mission will fail if you lag too far behind or lose sight of the slaver for long.

Make your way around the market, you can either stick to the shadows or hide in building to avoid patrols, be careful as some buildings may have enemies inside them.

You have to follow the slaver until he reaches Taka, after which a cutscene plays.

Escaping Azamo Bay
Now it’s time to get out, you will need to head for the North Gate of Azamo Bay. From there make your way to the crossroads to meet up with Kenji. There will be some Mongols in the area either sneak past them or kill them.

If you do decide to fight an easy method of dealing with Mongols is to perform a standoff with one of them, just hold down triangle and release as they are about to attack to make quick work of them.

Get on your horse and follow your companions until you reach the top of the hill to complete The Broken Blacksmith mission.

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